About us

Applying the power of location intelligence to business

We are a team of passionate individuals – crazy about technology, ruthless about efficiency, passionate about speed with a single minded focus on achieving our goals. Our founders come from a solid 20+ years experience in building enterprise software solutions globally.


Given our culture of customer centricity, passion for providing bleeding edge solutions and exceeding customer expectations, we embarked on this journey to put all our combined experiences into creating Dista – a world class, AI enabled, location intelligence platform.


“Dista”, derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Disht’ for goal, resonates with location/distance- which is at the heart of what we do.

Location matters

‘Location Location Location’ is a gospel the property industry swears. With mobile and connected devices being the new norm, almost every business can enhance its operations by applying location intelligence to it.


Where should I set up my business? Where should I have my field people? Where are my customers? Where are my assets? How effectively you can answer these questions can be the difference between you and your peers.


Take any industry, whether ride hailing, doorstep services, mobile workforce, delivery services, managing your distributor network, location stands as a differentiator while customers are already taking it for granted!


The above might seem overwhelming, but the building blocks required to put together these solutions are the same. That’s the core reason why we started – Dista – a platform that enables you to leverage, customize, configure and adapt location intelligence for your business.


A software that adapts

Enterprise software is clunky, pricey, difficult to deploy with poor user experience. Off the shelf products with a standard set of features offer minimal customizations and flexibility. In our experience no one size fits all! Each business has its own rules, nuances, and ways of doing things.


Try fitting an off the shelf product to manage your business and the result is a sub- standard software that makes you work more. The traditional way of building from scratch is extremely expensive with greater time to market.


This is where Dista fits in beautifully! Our goal has always been to understand your business and bring technology that helps improve systems that are tailored to your way of doing things. To achieve this, we envisioned a PLATFORM as opposed to a PRODUCT.


At Dista, we firmly believe that software should simplify your business leaving you to focus on your core capabilities. Our motto is to create powerful solutions aligned to the business processes built over years of your domain expertise, yet easy to use, agile to deploy and intelligent enough to add value. Software that is delightful to use and doesn’t create a hole in your pocket…. A SOFTWARE THAT ADAPTS!


To Use – Amazing user experience powered by an intuitive, modern user interface so that everyone can use it.

To Adapt – Engineered for customization, integration and flexibility


Deployments – Be up and running in weeks, not months .

Execution – Identify bottlenecks, take remedial actions and deliver superior customer experience with real time location data.


To Use – Amazing user experience powered by an intuitive, modern user interface so that everyone can use it.

To Adapt – Engineered for customization, integration and flexibility.

So why go with us?

…because we have built our platform with you in mind! You tell us what you need, and we can deliver, for you, on time and without the exorbitant costs of an enterprise application.

Our History

Dista was founded in 2017 as an incubation practice within MediaAgility, a US-headquartered premier global digital consultancy. MediaAgility’s focus on engineering innovations set the stage to enable client success with location strategies through Dista.


The co-founders of the Dista platform designed a robust enterprise platform using location intelligence at the core. The AI differentiation was baked into the core of the platform soon after. The goal was to build a scalable, modular architecture, so as to be able to mould and adapt to any location use case across industries.


We have continued to enrich our core platform with all our learnings. We have built some really useful industry solutions, our own reporting engine, AI/ML models, a template engine, flexible processor workflow, and even some customizable UI components.


The taste of success came when we won our first customer in December 2017 and ever since, there has been no looking back. We take immense pride to have some of the most renowned global customers using our platform.

“I am amazed at the possibilities with Location Intelligence – how it can transform the way businesses are run across any industry – and Dista can do this very simply!”

– Shishir Gokhale, CEO and Co-founder

A location intelligence platform for all kinds of mobility and field operations

The Dista location intelligence platform is used by more than 43000 users globally to supercharge their intelligent field operations. Powered by Google Maps and Google Cloud, Dista provides features like locators, grid definition & management, cockpit & dashboards, scheduling algorithms, route optimizer, asset tracking, and others to increase operational efficiency of businesses.


The Dista platform comes packed with powerful solutions such as field sales & service management, shared mobility solution, delivery management, logistics and distribution management, location analytics and more.


Today, over 30 companies and 43000 users globally trust our software to empower mobility and field operations. Dista forms the backbone of their core operations. We believe it’s just the beginning…


Discover the Dista platform

Our Culture
People are our biggest assets!

Work hard and Play hard is our motto! Getting the work done is our focus, and emphasis on making the work environment more flexible to foster productivity is what we believe in.


This translates to flexible working hours, open office culture, no checks on time spent in the office, casual dress code, work from home culture, foosball game, weekly party nights, are just some of the perks! Our people are a breed apart! Each one takes ownership in their work, are given the responsibility, and they step up to it by being completely accountable and owning the customer experience.


We have great pride in our diversity – gender, religion, language, and orientation! Everyone is welcome and the only requirement is taking ownership and giving your best!

Our Team
Shishir Gokhale

Shishir Gokhale

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Deepak Garg

Deepak Garg

Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder

Nishant Kumar

Nishant Kumar

Chief Operations Officer & Co-founder

Rajesh Abhyankar

Rajesh Abhyankar

Board Member and CEO - MediaAgility

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