How to Select the Right Field Sales Automation Software

Before we dive deeper into how to go about choosing a field sales automation software, we need to understand why it is important to have one, especially for banks and financial institutions.
This largely depends on your business objective of the bank or financial institution. Tracking and closing sales leads in the field can be a cumbersome process. But with automation technology, a bank or insurance company can make its entire field sales process more effective and productive.
How to select the right field sales automation software
Several repetitive manual tasks related to field sales can be automated, which significantly helps take your business to the next level. Also, banks need to understand the role their field sales agents play in final customer conversion. By providing them with technologically advanced tools, you are simplifying daily tasks and giving your field sales representatives more power to handle the entire field sales cycle with more agility.
With the majority of routine sales processes and administrative tasks getting automated, your banking sales team can focus on providing a differentiated customer experience.
If you are a bank or financial institution seeking a field sales automation software, here are some essential features that you should look out for before selecting the right one.

1) Triage the tasks and schedule them automatically

Manual planning and allocation of field sales calls can be time-consuming. Technology can play a significant role in simplifying the allocation of field sales calls daily. This takes care of mapping the right job with the rightly skilled resource. Additionally, along with intelligence in scheduling, it also enables strategic planning to a great extent. So your field sales automation software should have the ability to automatically allocate sales calls and based on priority if the situation demands.

2) Pull up optimized routes for sales reps

With field sales reps spending a chunk of their time on the field, route optimization becomes extremely critical. If your sales reps on the field don’t have access to proper routes, a lot of time is wasted correcting the routes, which results in delays on their part.
While you choose your field sales automation software, you should mainly check how well it optimizes the routes and makes it available to your field sales reps. Poor route planning results in delays, thereby affecting the reputation of your bank. Access to optimized routes will ensure you achieve your SLAs.

3) Real-time collaboration between teams

Your field sales reps need to communicate with you and the customer at any given point in time. There could be critical insights that the manager may want to convey, as well as, the sales team may want to interact with the customer regarding any assistance or information.
Your field sales automation software needs to provide real-time collaboration opportunities. Seamless communication removes all the barriers in exchanging information on the go. This feature enables teams to be more proactive in their approach and saves time with communication taking place in real-time.

4) Capture digital proof of sales

The whole idea of getting a field sales automation software is to make the process easy for your sales reps. By making documentation and payments digital, you remove the bottlenecks your team faces carrying papers and cash with them on their sales visits. It is easier to record digital proofs and manage them. Your field sales automation software should have this feature as everyone is embracing digital.

5) Store all the sales call history in one place

Field Sales Cycle is an expensive affair for companies but extremely crucial too. Your sales reps are investing time and money in every lead they pursue. Hence it becomes vital for companies to provide their field sales reps with all the contextual information regarding the customer and make it available on the go.
Make your sales collateral accessible on the app. Sales reps should be able to document and take notes that feed into sales call history. This feature enables sales continuity by making information related to every lead transparent and accessible.

6) Provide a mobile app and facilitate CRM integration

The other essential factor to check before selecting your field sales automation software is to provide your sales reps with a versatile mobile app with end-to-end functionalities discussed above. Your field sales automation software acts as a communication link between your field reps and the bank’s desktop. Connect your sales reps to a mobile app that they can operate on the go and offline mode.
Chatbots in the app help your field sales teams solve basic queries without depending on human intervention. The other part is CRM integration – your field sales automation software should integrate with your CRM so that the entire sales flow is clear and maintained.

Create sales reports dashboards

Banks need to evaluate the performance of their field sales personnel. Sales reports bring out clear insights into every sales representatives’ activity, field time, closure rate, and many other vital inputs. Your field sales automation software should be able to pull out dashboard reports of all sales calls and provide granular insights into each field sales lead. This gives the management a holistic view of how the field sales are performing and what improvements or additions need to be made to make it more effective.
Customers share a lot of feedback, which can translate into better processes. A robust reporting structure is crucial for the success of field sales function. Investing in a field sales automation software is essential as it provides your sales reps with tools to transform their sales performance. For companies, it acts as a storehouse of all your vital customer information. All in all, it leads to better business outcomes.

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