Asset tracking

What is asset tracking?

Companies from several industries like BFSI, QSR, healthcare, and more have a large number of field service executives that work on the go to complete daily tasks. In business terms, tracking of the field executives is also known as asset tracking. A field service management software helps managers and supervisors with a bird’s eye view of the field agents’ daily activities and real-time location.

Why is asset tracking necessary?

Industries ranging from restaurants to BFSI have their executives on the field completing their tasks of food delivery or debt collections. Tracking them is important to measure their productivity and ensure the job is completed. Lack of a centralized system to keep a tab on the field executives is one of the most common challenges managers and supervisors face.

With asset tracking tools, they can get a clear picture of the daily activities on the field.  

Asset tracking

Benefits of asset tracking

Improves productivity

An asset tracking tool helps supervisors get a complete view of the field executive’s daily tasks; it helps them track their performance and maximize resource coverage. The dedicated app for field executives enables them to plan their day and complete tasks without any hassles. Managers can leverage workforce management and improve the productivity of their entire field force.

Optimum operations

A dedicated app for the field agents and a web app for the supervisors enable seamless operations of daily activities. Supervisors can track and monitor their field executives’ performance to ensure they complete their assigned tasks. Moreover, managers can improve the accountability of individual assets with (daily, weekly, and monthly) productivity reports of individual assets.

Easier communication

Traditional systems lacked a dedicated mode of communication with the assets which are in the field. With field service management solutions, both parties can communicate easily via dedicated apps.

Asset tracking use cases

Food delivery

Quick service restaurants have their field agents on the go delivering food orders to customers. With a dedicated field service app, they can track these agents in real-time and ensure seamless food delivery.

Collections management

BFSI companies have their collection officers on the field who collect debts, EMIs, etc., from their customers. Dista Collect, our debt collections management platform, can help them with complete visibility on collection officers and track their live location. Banks, microfinance, and insurance companies can improve the productivity of their field agents by monitoring their tasks.

Sales productivity

Dista Sales, our sales productivity platform, automatically allocates leads to the right sales officer. Managers also get a transparent and real-time map-based visibility of the sales officers who are on the field. They can even get an ETA and live status updates on active leads. With asset tracking, managers can keep a tab on individual and team performance and get a dashboard view of audit trails and sales officers’ history.