Capacity and skillset management

What is Capacity management?

Capacity management is the process that manages available resources to complete a particular project. It helps managers and supervisors calculate the maximum amount of work their staff can finish in any given period. The process considers key factors like availability, delays, holidays, leaves, and so on.

What is skillset management?

Skillset management refers to assigning jobs to employees depending on their skillset. This can improve the volume of tasks and enhance customer satisfaction.

How can Dista help?

Dista’s field service management solutions intelligently allocate jobs to the correct field executive based on key parameters – priority, proximity, availability, and skillset. For example, if a field collections executive is collecting debt from a customer in a particular area, our platform will send a nudge (contextual notification) to their app and suggest they finish another task nearby. This helps to increase coverage in a certain area and boost daily productivity.

Benefits of capacity and skillset management

1) Increases the overall efficiency of a project

Managers can make smarter resourcing decisions with capacity management to ensure projects are delivered on time and a budget. Our platform gives managers a bird’s eye view of who is working on what and their next lined up tasks.

2) Strengthens long-term strategic planning

Capacity planning is crucial on a day-to-day basis as it builds the blocks for long-term strategic planning. Supervisors can check the availability of their resources and ensure they have the right skillsets to finish projects.

3) Eliminates wasting of resources

Managers can optimize their workforce management if they have sufficient details of where their resources spend their time. They can decrease or increase resource allocation to finish the number of jobs. Armed with the knowledge of where resources spend their time, you can optimize project processes, cut down on time wasted, or vice versa, assign new people to the project team.

Capacity and skillset

Capacity skillset planning use cases

1) Collections management

Dista Collect, our collections management platform, auto allocates cases to field collections executives optimally to maximize collection coverage.

2) Sales productivity

Dista Sales, our sales productivity platform, offers intelligent allocation of leads to the proper sales officer to increase their productivity and sales coverage.

3) Food delivery

Dista Food, our food delivery platform assigns nearby jobs to delivery agents that help them complete more orders in a day. It defines serviceable areas by defining clear borders and limits.