Reports and dashboard

Dista offers a range of customized solutions for business as each of them have specific requirements depending on the use case. Our platform provides volumes of data in the form of analytics that helps customers make informed business decisions. We provide various reports and dashboards for our different solutions, including Dista Sales, Dista Collect, Dista Service, and more.

Report and dashboard


We offer an array of persona-based reports to our customers that helps them strategize their business plans and streamline their resources to improve productivity. Supervisors, managers, and business leaders get access to reports that help them improve their internal processes and also help with analytics for business decisions.

Reports for managers and supervisors

Our platform helps managers and supervisors with detailed reports of their field service executives’ performance. It provides daily, weekly, and monthly reports about their performance with insights like the number of jobs finished, hours worked, distance traveled, and more. In addition, they can monitor field executives’ leaves and attendance for a defined period. Supervisors also get clear visibility for the tasks completed by the entire team in one place.

Report and dashboard


Along with reports, our solutions offer personalized dashboards for executives and managers. Various dashboards highlight key trends and patterns that provide insights that can be key to outperform your competitors. Business leaders can leverage the custom reports to make informed business decisions and chalk out customer strategies.

Performance dashboards

Dista Service, our field service management software, has a dashboard that offers managers a range of data front and center. Managers and supervisors can see the number of jobs that are assigned, ongoing, completed, delayed, canceled, and more. It also offers a list view of all the ongoing and planned jobs with the details of field service agents. Managers get an aerial view of their field executives’ daily tasks when they are on the go.

Besides dashboards, our platform also offers leaderboards that help field executives, sales officers, and delivery agents on the field check their peers’ activities. It cultivates healthy competition between the team, while the gamification element helps build their morale and improves productivity.

Reports and dashboard