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Uberize lead allocation, prioritization, and leverage location intelligence for improved sales productivity.

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Dista Food is an end-to-end platform that connects kitchen management systems and delivery riders, making the lives of store managers and delivery riders easy. It offers a web console view for supervisors and a dedicated app for delivery riders for better visibility and productivity, respectively.

Food delivery management architecture

Key features

Automated rider assignment

Auto and manual rider assignment to orders as per the availability

Intelligent tradezone management

Define and redefine your tradezone for better deliverability and serviceability

Live updates

Get ‘steaming’ live updates on food orders with ETA via SMS, Whatsapp, etc.

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Robust mobile rider app

Super light, easy to download, and battery-friendly mobile app

Real-time visibility

View all your riders with status updates in real-time

Detailed insights

Get in-depth insights on tradezones, orders, and riders in real-time

Key differentiators

AI and ML
Mobile optimized
Accessible data

Dista Food

Dista Food

Why Dista Food?

Order management

Order dashboard map
Get a quick overview of orders and their status along with rider and customer details.
The order management dashboard showcases a summary of job status (created, canceled, delayed, etc.) and details like asset name, delivery time, address, order amount, and customer name, among others.

Restaurant management

Restaurant Management
Adding a store is easy and lets you assign access levels right up to the serviceable tradezone.
With Dista Food, restaurant managers can search multiple stores by name and create new ones by adding the latitude and longitude details. There is a list view and map view to check all the restaurants and their details like city, state, country, and contact information.

Rider management

Rider Management
View all your and third party riders along with their status in real-time. You can also switch to list view, a tabular approach to view your team and orders.
Supervisors can access delivery rider data with a dashboard displaying details like rider name, unique ID, and capacity etc. View real-time status of your own and third party riders.

Report management

Our delivery management software offers a range of reports that helps restaurant managers make key strategic decisions related to capacity management. They provide deeper insights into the daily operations of the delivery agents, right from order allocation to order delivery.
Order Deviation Report
Order deviation report
The report displays deviations made by the rider to deliver a particular order and showcases them in the form of delta KMs.This helps supervisors keep a tab on rider productivity and get an idea of delayed or missed deliveries.
Order status
The order status dashboard offers a quick view of order status along with details like store name, store code, order number, assign time, pick up time, etc. It gives a detailed view of all orders in a defined date range.
Management report
The management report offers an overall view of orders at different levels (country, franchise, etc). It helps restaurant managers check outlet performance by leveraging data like the percentage of orders delivered in less than 30 minutes, over 40 minutes, delivered outside 500 m, etc.
Rider productivity report
It showcases individual rider productivity and displays store name, rider name, rider ID, checkin, and checkout time. This helps supervisors get a detailed insight on rider productivity and enables better resource management.
Order count dashboard
The report offers a detailed view of third-party vendor count. It has details like the vendor’s name, delivery orders, created orders, assigned, and delivered orders.
Store performance and customer satisfaction
It showcases critical actionable metrics like speed score, integrity metrics, and delivery metrics with multiple filters. This helps the store team to improve delivery SLA and understand peak time performance. Get deeper insights into statistics within a selected time period to better understand ‘time of the day’ in your business and take steps to optimize operations.
User management
User Management
Hierarchy is crucial, and it dictates the level of access to information and changes within an organization. For complex and big QSRs, the number of users, administrators, and supervisors can be vast and tricky. With Dista Food, you can define the level of access right from user creation to vendor creation to customizing and sharing reports. Ensure all relevant departments get the pertinent information they need access to and protect sensitive information.
Dista delivery rider mobile app
User Management
The dedicated Dista delivery rider app enables them to receive automated jobs and contextual alerts (nudges) from the system to optimize their daily operation. It helps improve driver navigation by offering the shortest or fastest routes by leveraging route optimization features. All the essential information on ongoing jobs and completed jobs are available at their fingertips with one-tap navigation.

Challenges in food delivery management

For field executives

Slower response time due to lack of reliable communication system between field service agents and supervisors

Lack of mobile workforce management software leading to duplicate entries and data loss

Lower first-time fix rate due to ineffective work order allocation

Tracking and maintaining SKUs in the field

Inability to address challenges in real-time due to lack of a knowledge base portal

For supervisors

Manual job allocation leading to overlapping events and unavailability of time slots

Lack of historical data to measure field executive performance

Manual processes leading to scheduling and routing conflicts

Heavy reliance on paperwork for work order management

Lack of system to record attendance and expenses

For Customers

TAT from service requests raised to closure is quite high

No way for customers to select preferred time slots for service requests

Absence of an app or module for cancellation and rescheduling of service requests

Inability to view real-time updates and ETA of service representatives

Lack of a platform to upload feedback, reviews on social media channels and process payments

Why Dista Service

Optimize operations

Smart work order allocation to increase field executive productivity

A one-stop app for managing field operations, right from service requests to receipt generation

A true paperless field force automation software to manage all field operations

Connect with experts and supervisors for effective resolution of service requests

Carry inventory details within the app for easy service

Get optimal route suggestions via the app to reduce travel time and distance

Get instant notifications on service requests via geographies

Track and monitor performance

ETA and real-time tracking of field service agents

Complete visibility on field operations

Create, manage, and view work orders instantly along with live status updates

View and manage field executives’ track record and performance via a single platform

Central system to manage field service agents’ attendance and expenses

Single platform for customers to check ETA and status updates on open service requests

Strategize business enhancement

Area definition and analysis of potential leads

Improve Net Promoter Score (NPS) with better TAT, first-time fix rates, and customer service

Machine learning (ML) engines for resource forecasting and planning

Lower onboarding costs, enhanced adoption and lesser technical disruptions

Get customized reports to make informed decisions. Use them to define departmental and operational strategies

Use Dista app to view and leverage customer feedback for improving customer experience and consumer service

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Our food delivery platform offers a ton of delivery metrics that can help QSRs and full-service restaurants make strategic business decisions. The manager web view provides a dashboard with delivery insights such as orders completed, pending, delayed, and more. They can view all delivery rider data in one place with their details like rider name, unique rider ID, mobile number, and more.
Dista Food provides a wide range of reports, right from driver productivity to store-wise performance. Order deviation report, job count report, management report, rider dashboard, user management report, and some of the critical reports offered by our food delivery management system.
Dista Food allows manual as well as auto allocation of orders to delivery agents. Dista will allocate orders to either your own delivery agents or third-party players. Our tool is efficient at striking a balance and managing all delivery options simultaneously and smoothly.