Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

In the age of e-commerce, restaurant customers are more tech-savvy and will settle for nothing less than a perfect food delivery experience.

Dista’s powerful restaurant delivery software, restaurant chains, and restaurant delivery services can now easily meet and exceed the on-demand expectations of their customers in terms of operational efficiency and customer experience.

Deliver the experience, not just food! Empower your outlets, franchisees, and eateries with the ability to not only orchestrate food delivery but also streamline order management, resource allocation, and store setup.


🍔 Quick service restaurants

🍔 Restaurant chains

🍔 Food delivery aggregators

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Benefits of food delivery management solution

Deliver More

Achieve more food deliveries per day with intelligent dispatch

Deliver Better

Impress your patrons with great food delivered at their doorstep

Deliver Faster

Reach your customer faster with shorter driving distance

Deliver Cheaper

Reduce your cost per delivery with fewer riders & order clubbing

Want to optimize your doorstep deliveries?

Offerings of food delivery management solution

Market insights / Business planning

  • Know your hyperlocal landscape for segmented action by overlaying competitor data, and order volumes

  • Expand operations by setting new stores based on unserviced areas, competitor stores, and order volumes

  • Optimize coverage strategy by determining serviceable areas with auto grids based on time/distance, identification of black areas, dynamic trade zone creations based on time/day/season/offers

  • Maximize business by running targeted schemes with location intelligence, order to store mapping, order heat maps, customer density

Business planning
Order sequencing

Order sequencing

  • Replace “First In First Out” with AI-enabled optimal kitchen sequencing that prioritizes order preparation based on multiple parameters

  • Gives the best sequence, so orders are grouped at the kitchen in the most optimal way, and all orders are prepared just in time for the driver to pick up

Rider scheduling & dispatch

  • Prioritize your orders based on prep/pack time, complexity, delivery rider availability, and a host of other parameters

  • Design the best dispatch schedules for all orders factoring in maximum possible real-world constraints such as skills, storage requirements, availability, time slot, the value of goods, complexity of handling, etc.

Rider scheduling
Food delivery orchestration

Food delivery orchestration

  • Beat the traffic each time with perfect route planning, and reroute trips with live traffic analysis

  • Communicate in real-time with delivery agents and receive live alerts about each event as it happens.

  • Smartly club orders based on delivery times, routes, priorities, weight, etc. to reduce the number of trips

  • Filter out incomplete or wrong addresses, add missing fields and get the right addresses with geocoding

  • ‘On the go pickup’ - facilitate curbside and in-store pickup for customers who can’t wait for a delivery

Delivery resource management

  • Restaurant operators – deploy the optimal mix of on-staff and freelance drivers for peak periods

  • Enabling external drivers to utilize our app and become a freelance driver on demand

  • Share drivers between stores in the same vicinity to increase efficiency and decrease costs

Delivery resource management
Customer engagement

Customer engagement

  • Allow customers to pick a preferred time slot or choose from available slots

  • Collect geocodes, images, or signature as proof of delivery

  • Ensure smooth experience with multiple payment options using a card, cash, wallet, etc.

  • Engage directly with customers on real-time order status and location of riders

  • Communicate special offers, loyalty announcements, feedback surveys, etc.

Analytics & reporting

  • Order heatmaps/Order numbers zone-wise

  • Delivery time, status, delays

  • Alerts/ warnings for incidents

  • Leaderboards for riders, stores, franchises

  • Attendance/expense reports

Analytics and reporting

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