Dista Claims

Making insurance field claims investigation quicker, efficient, and fraud-proof.

Hassle-free field claims management

Field assets managed

Jobs scheduled/ month


Challenges in claims management


  • Multiple sources of data input that may or may not be secure

  • Lack of intelligent and timely claims allocation affecting investigations

  • Appointment scheduling for timely claims investigations


  • Manual process of claims allocation and data handling

  • Inability to manage multiple agencies for effective assignment of claims

  • Lack of automated triggers for real-time field allocations

  • Turnaround time for claims visits high, affecting timelines


  • Lack of fraud detection and verification

  • Lack of data classification impacting effective analysis

  • Transportation of documents via mediums such as Whatsapp

Why Dista Claims

Operate with efficiency

  • Deploy claims officers effectively with day, time, and capacity mapping and planning

  • Intelligent and timely claims allocation

  • Quicker turnaround time

  • Optimal route planning & tracking

Monitor with visualization

  • Multi-agency management for claims field investigations

  • Data insights for better claims management

  • Omnichannel presence

Strategize business enhancement

  • Fraud detection and data verification

  • Smart recommendations for effective business decisions

  • Insights on real-time claims settlement

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Key features

Agency management

Map multiple agencies based on pin codes

Geography management

Define and manage geographies via pin codes and zones

Smart claims allocation and management

Near real-time claims investigations for quicker TAT

Media upload

Capture and upload media proof and documents

Role-based access

Data accessibility based on hierarchy and rules

Smart notifications

Get real-time notifications for faster turnaround time

Key differentiators




Web Scale



Dista Claims benefits

Agency management

  • Map multiple agencies based on pin codes

  • Define geographies

  • Role-based claims assignment

  • Manage third-party agencies (TPA) for claims investigation

Claims allocation and management

  • Get claims intimation

  • View and assign claims requests

  • Allocate claims based on skill, proximity, and priority

  • Ensure effective claims handling and workload management

Media upload and storage

  • Capture media proof and documents

  • Ease of data submission, even in offline mode

  • Collate and access data centrally

  • Customizable field insurance forms for data collation

Smart notifications

  • Get real-time notifications for faster turnaround time

  • Make the most of your field visits with smart nudges

  • Use alerts for optimum coverage of claims requests

Fraud detection and data verification

  • Near real-time verification of important documents by Claims Requests Officers via Dista’s system

  • Use Dista to create dashboards that provide insights into fraudulent data

  • Centralized data storage for easier revisit and verification

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1. Can multiple third-party agencies (TPA) be managed in Dista?

Yes, you can add multiple TPAs in Dista. Apart from adding them to the system, you can also track their field agents and assign claims requests. You may opt to send your field agents or from TPA for customer visits. This allocation can be done based on your staff or as per geographical distribution.

2. Can media such as documents and pictures be uploaded via the app?

Field claims agents can upload documents, pictures, videos to a central location via the Dista app for verification and storage. This helps in reducing paperwork as each field agent carries the app on their mobile devices.

3. How can insurance providers manage TPAs geographically?

Insurance providers can bifurcate agencies based on geography, zones, or pin codes. This helps in addressing overlaps if any, and managing staff better.

4. Can Dista Claims track distance travelled by claims field agents for reimbursements?

Yes, supervisors can track the distances traveled by field agents easily. This helps in compiling weekly or monthly reports for fuel reimbursements.

5. Can claims officers install and use Dista Claims on their mobile devices?

We've accommodated organizations that support bring your own device (BYOD) policies for their employees. They can download and start using Dista Claims easily with their organization logins.