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Last mile delivery management software

A delivery management software or delivery orchestration system helps companies in the business of delivery operations to make their entire last mile delivery management easy, intelligent, and smart. Most delivery management systems comprise of features such as delivery order allocation, delivery resource dispatch, delivery agent tracking, route optimization, electronic proof of delivery, and payment options.

Dista Deliver supercharges your last mile delivery management with end-to-end visibility and real-time control. The delivery management software streamlines the entire delivery process right from tracking delivery agents, smart dispatching, optimizing delivery routes, digitizing proof of delivery, and managing returns. Powered by Google Maps and built on the Google Cloud Platform, this customizable, AI-ready delivery management system makes it easy for businesses to automate, manage, and analyze their on-demand deliveries. Complemented by intuitive smartphone apps for dispatchers, agents, and customers, Dista’s delivery scheduling and tracking software puts you in full control of your delivery operations.

Leverage Dista’s last mile delivery solution to reduce delivery costs and delight your customers with a great on-demand delivery experience.

Last mile delivery management

Use cases for last mile delivery management

  • Last mile leg of retail distribution from warehouse to retailers to end customers

  • Doorstep delivery services – dry cleaning, laundry, cash collection, blood sample collection

  • Food, grocery, medicine, e-commerce and retail intra-city deliveries

  • E-commerce logistics, courier, express and parcel

  • Milk, fruits, vegetables, alcohol home delivery

Benefits of last mile delivery management

More number of pickups/deliveries per day

Reduction in overall delivery costs

Faster turnaround time with on-time delivery

Improved delivery agent accountability, increased utilization and productivity

Real time delivery tracking and instant alerts

Clean, verified address lists for delivery management

Business continuity due to lesser technical disruptions for delivery agents

Lower on boarding costs & enhanced adoption for delivery personnel

Optimize your last mile delivery logistics. Now!!!

Features of last mile delivery management


Allocate jobs to your delivery agents based on multiple criteria or automatically get recommendations on the best available field-staff

Dynamic routing

Automate delivery beat route optimization based on various parameters including resource capacity, customer locations, and time preferences, traffic and weather conditions

Live delivery tracking

Monitor your delivery agents in real-time with predictive delay alerts, real-time ETA updates, report breakdowns, and other traffic disruptions


Facilitate ease of payments with cash and card management (COD) at the point of delivery

Proof of delivery

Collect electronic proof of service as image, signature, timestamp, and geo-coordinates during deliveries

Customer ratings

Gain meaningful insights into customer satisfaction with feedback and ratings for delivery

Address verification

Verify addresses and decide serviceable areas through geotagging for smooth delivery management

Delivery analytics

Get deeper insights into delivery operations with network analysis using delay density bubble maps, heat maps, visual map-based bottleneck analysis, order density, deviations, SLA breach etc.


Connect delivery management with seamlessly with other enterprise systems like CRM, 3PL, order management, e-commerce etc.

User experience

Delivery tracking app with new age UX compatible on various mobile devices

Offline mode

Continue functioning even when there is no connectivity as delivery app stores data locally and syncs on signal restoration

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