Dista Dispatch

First mile logistics distribution software

Dista Dispatch reduces first mile/distribution bottlenecks by efficient routing, intelligent dispatch planning, automating shipment assignments, and resource optimization with end-to-end GPS vehicle tracking to increase supply chain visibility and efficiency.

Powered by Google Maps and built on the Google Cloud Platform, this AI-enabled distribution management solution helps transportation personnel to effectively plan, track and measure SLAs, streamline goods movement, manage inventories, and ensure timely fulfillment.

Use cases of logistics distribution management

  • 3PL, 4PL, and other inter and intra-city transportation with owned or third-party vehicles

  • Movers & Packers movement or industrial & heavy equipment movement tracking using terrestrial, maritime, or air logistics

  • E-commerce logistics, courier, express, and parcel

  • Primary and secondary legs of retail distribution from warehouse to retailers

Benefits of logistics distribution management

Reduced labor hours while increasing driver productivity

Enhanced fleet capacity utilization

Increased vehicle fill ratio / driver to dispatcher ratio

Lesser distance traveled, stop duration, and fuel usage

Superior customer service and retention

Accurate arrival and departure times

On-time performance

Tighter delivery window promises

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Features of logistics distribution management

Live fleet view

Real-time in-field view of the entire delivery process with contextual visual analytics

Dynamic scheduling

Automate job scheduling to save costs and optimize time/distance constraints

Smart loading

Achieve high vehicle fill ratio using smart packing combinations

Intelligent routing

Factor-in business, traffic, and government parameters on the go while scheduling and routing

Driver management

Track driver behavior like speeding, idling, and harsh driving

ELD compliance

Check a driver’s status and compliance with Hours of Service (HOS) at any time, including designated roadside checkpoints

Multi-modal logistics

Flexibly combine and track transportation modes across road, rail, sea, and air

Digital proof of delivery

Leverage geotagging to maintain cloud-based proofs of delivery apart from signs, images, SMS, etc.

Customer status

Live notifications to customers and operations team to track the delivery status

Emergency management

SOS option for delivery agents to report vehicle breakdown or other extreme situations

Seamless integration

Easily integrated with your existing systems through excels, CSVs, jSONs or APIs

Data driven insights

BI with accurate dashboarding that includes detailed logs, heatmaps, and visualizations

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