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Field force management software

Managing a large field force is not easy. You need to track their activities, make them efficient, assign tasks, allocate territories, enable data capture, document scans, and reporting.

Implementation of a good field force management system helps businesses with a large distributed mobile workforce to efficiently track their location, job status, activities, travel, meetings, and more. A field force automation software also helps improve efficiency by providing customer intelligence, route navigation, live alerts, and other collaboration tools.

Dista Field helps organizations with mobile workforce to unleash the full potential of their field operations by intelligent optimization, real-time collaboration and paperless processes. Powered by Google Maps and built on Google Cloud Platform, our dynamic & location-enabled field force management platform automates and optimizes your mobile field operations like job allocation, scheduling, tracking, and routing with smart insights powered by location intelligence and analytics.

How field force management software works

Use cases for field force management software

👷‍♂️ Field Sales Management - retail, FMCG, pharma etc.

👷‍♂️ Field Service Management - telecom, utilities, HVAC, elevators, manufacturing, hi-tech, transport, aviation etc.

👷‍♂️ Field force tracking - microfinance, e-commerce, logistics, NBFC, insurance, medical devices etc.

👷‍♂️ Sales force automation - banks, mutual funds, insurance etc.

👷‍♂️ Doorstep services - BFSI, healthcare, cash management, diagnostic centers etc.

Benefits of field force management software

Improved field force accountability, utilization, and productivity

Real-time field force tracking and instant alerts

Elimination of time-consuming admin tasks

Reduction in field employee turnover due to improved morale / satisfaction

Enhanced field sales / service delivery due to efficient geo coverage

Deliver clean, verified address lists to field force

Business continuity due to lesser technical disruptions of field force

Lower onboarding costs for field force & enhanced adoption

Features of field force management software

Field operations set-up

Set up your field operations with location selection, customer density, workforce clustering and estimation, inventory forecasting, and more

Job management

Manage your field force activities with a job dashboard to create, schedule, execute, manage, monitor, and automate jobs

Smart dispatch and scheduling

Visualize the field in real-time and allocate right jobs to the right mobile workforce using a single screen dashboard based on multiple criteria

Route Navigation

Guide your field workforce to reach their destinations on-time, navigate to the next task and cover more visits per day

Instant alerts and live notifications

Give field workers and customers full visibility with real-time updates and access to job status

Digital data capture

Allow field force to scan documents, click photos, upload images, capture data via forms, collect payments, take signatures, and more with a handheld field force mobile app

Live Tracking

Monitor your field salesmen, engineers, and technicians in real-time out in the field


Connect your field force app easily with ERP, CRM, order management, ticketing tools, and other enterprise systems, etc.

Field force enablement

Help your field agents deliver better with FAQs, instant chat, group chat, knowledge repository, and customer profiling


Utilize geo-fencing to restrict and map field agent to the selected area, check for false check-ins, route deviation, and navigation assistance

Leave management and attendance

Monitor your field worker's check-in, checkout time, visit verification, and attendance from anywhere and at any time

Address verification

Help field force to move quickly with clean, verified addresses through geotagging

Want to increase field force productivity?

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