Field service management software

Dista Field helps organizations with mobile workforce to unleash the full potential of their field operations by intelligent optimization, real-time collaboration and paperless processes.

Powered by Google Maps and built on Google Cloud Platform, our dynamic & location-enabled platform automates and optimizes your mobile field operations like job allocation, scheduling, tracking, and routing with smart insights powered by location intelligence and analytics.

Use Cases for Field Service Management

  • Planning routes and timings for on-field market research, landscaping, and sales meetings
  • Insurance sales, claim processing, and KYC documents collection in banking and telecom
  • Equipment replacement, electrical works, repair works, maid services, and other utility services
  • Physician visits, sample collection, and field representative management in pharma and laboratories
  • Emergency services such as paramedics or firefighters

Benefits of Field Service Management

Improved accountability, utilization, and productivity

Real-time tracking and instant alerts

Elimination of time-consuming admin tasks

Reduction in employee turnover due to improved morale / satisfaction

Enhanced sales / service delivery due to efficient geo coverage

Deliver Faster Clean, verified address lists

Business continuity due to lesser technical disruptions

Lower onboarding costs & enhanced adoption

Features of Field Service Management

Service operations set-up

Data driven insights to power your service operations such as hub / location selection, customer density, clustering, workforce estimation, inventory forecasting and more

Work order management

Create, schedule, execute, manage, monitor, and automate any customer service requests and capture vital customer feedback using a mobile device or laptop

Intelligent scheduling & dispatch

Allocate the right people to the right job every time based on multiple criteria

Dynamic routing

Guide your field workforce to reach their destinations on-time and cover more visits per day

Instant alerts

Give technicians and customers full visibility with real time updates and access to job status

Preferred time selection

Allow customers to mention preferred day and time or select from available time slots

Live tracking

Monitor your field technicians in real-time out in the field


Connect seamlessly with other enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, order management, ticketing tools etc.

Attendance & monitoring

Utilize geo-fencing to check for false check-ins, route deviation, and navigation assistance

Address verification

Verify addresses and decide serviceable areas through geotagging

User Experience

Modern intuitive UI/UX with multi-device compatibility, security, and user adoption

Business continuity

Reduce technical disruptions with offline mode and battery-friendly app

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