Dista Insight

Visualize your data, and take informed decisions with Dista insight

Dista Insight leverages, enriches, and analyzes your geotagged data sets for enhanced business insight and accelerated decision making in real-time.

Powered by Google Cloud platform, it helps you easily identify patterns and trends via powerful visualizations, enabling you to make more informed decisions and capitalize on untapped business opportunities.

What can you do with location analytics?

Data analytics, augmented by interactive visualizations, can help you tell a cohesive story from extracted insights. Powered by Google Maps, Dista insight will seamlessly transform your raw geographical data into comprehensible visualizations. Dista can help you to make the most of your geo-coded data assets, using them to make the right decisions and inform future actions.


  • Dive deeper – Thorough quantitative and statistical analysis to diagnose results

  • What-if scenarios – Test previous decisions and predict both positive and negative impact

  • Forecast – Utilize predictive modeling and analytics to forecast risks and opportunities

  • Self-service – Empower customizable dashboards and reports for users

  • Real time – Rapid decision-making processes enabled by real-time data analytics

  • Find patterns – Conduct data mining to find new patterns and relationships

Leverage data visualization to take informed decisions. Now!!!

Features of location analytics platform

Field sales optimisation

Raise the productivity of field force by assessing, sizing & restructuring teams, journeys & territories

Retail location planning

Use location clustering to find the best locations to set-up outlets, deploy stocks, plan trade zones or reallocate your jobs as per demand

Tradezone management

Map & manage territories, identify gaps, demand, performance, and plan new outlets

Segmentation and profiling

Improving field sales, marketing, delivery, franchise or retail outlet productivity starts with customer targeting

Route analytics

Identify historical trips, route deviations, delays, SLA deviations, and much more

Heat maps

Perform what-if analysis using heat maps to understand your customers, prospects, distributors, and order volumes

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