Dista Ride

Ride Sharing, Taxi Booking & Shuttle Management Software

Dista Ride helps companies launch their own white-labeled shared mobility platform by automating everything from vehicle booking to billing, auto dispatching to ratings, dynamic pricing to customer management, loyalty programs to payments, and more.

Powered by Google Maps and built on the Google Cloud Platform, Dista Ride provides the technology needed to run taxi rentals, ride-sharing, shuttle booking, carpooling, or employee transportation in a cheaper and more efficient manner.

Use cases of ride sharing solution

  • Car sharing

  • Cab rentals

  • Taxi booking

  • Employer transportation system

  • Ride sharing

  • Shuttle services

Benefits of ride sharing solution

Hassle-free driver onboarding with minimal documentation and easy wizard-based process

Driver accountability with improved efficiency

Higher ride bookings per vehicle with auto demand balancing

Hassle-free business on an auto-pilot mode

Greater customer retention with promotions and loyalty programs

Stellar customer experience due to ease of payment and on-time bookings

Raised driver motivation due to transparent merit based incentives

Enhance your ride sharing service with Dista. Now!!!

Features of ride sharing solution

Automated dispatch

Allocate rides to your drivers based on multiple criteria to dispatch cabs automatically as soon as a request is received

Live fleet visibility

Never lose track of your drivers with GPS enabled live-tracking

Demand supply balancing

Learn how many drivers are on-duty, off duty, online, offline and engaged and allocate them to places of high demand

Optimized routing

Optimize your routes based on time and distance, factoring-in business, traffic, weather, safety, and city restrictions

Smart pricing

Use dynamic pricing to apply surge pricing during peak demand and reduce fares for returning unprofitably parked cars to popular locations

Emergency management

Report breakdowns/traffic and other extreme conditions on the go with SOS button

Driver onboarding

Add, remove, and manage driver subscription with a simplified onboarding process

Merit-based incentives

Provide merit-based incentives to high performing drivers backed by data


Empower your customers with multiple payment options of choice such as cash, card, or wallet, etc.

Live notifications

Send instant updates via email, SMS updates, and notifications for various events


Offer exciting promos and discounts exclusively to your new users for their first few rides


Give referral bonuses to all your drivers and customers who refer your services to their friends & family

Loyalty programs

Retain existing customers by offering them with lucrative loyalty offers and rewards

Reporting and analytics

Get deeper insights into operations with enhanced reporting and dashboarding that includes detailed logs, heatmaps and visual analytics for metrics

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