BFSI Insights

Location intelligence for banking & financial services

Basically, banking, finance and insurance is a location driven business where proper use of location intelligence and analytics can help the industry to better manage branches, distributed workforce, risk, client service, customer acquisitions, partners and merchants. With location intelligence and analytics, banking, insurance and financial institutions can analyze and visualize market data, overlay with existing customer data to make better decisions, reduce risk and delight their customers.


Dista insights for BFSI offers maps based visualization, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to provide personalised experiences, enhance on-boarding processes and optimize networks.

Problems solved by BFSI insights

  • Unbalanced coverage leading to underservice or cannibalization
  • Higher risks due to poor visibility of loan performance, delinquency
  • No deep-dive of field sales performance leading to missed opportunities
  • Manual error prone decisions resulting in capital costs, over-staffing and admin overheads

Benefits of BFSI insights

Increase penetration with better market understanding

Increased customer loyalty with personalization

Reduce risk with lower non-performing assets

Minimizing overheads with optimal workforce

Features of BFSI insights

Branch performance analytics

Improve customer experience with geo-targeted schemes and demand driven staffing by map based visualization for footfalls, customer experience, customer churn, conversion rates, dwell times for retail banking networks.

Lead analytics

Get visibility into your leads and gap analysis with performance by product type, sales rep, territory, lead status on a map, to calculate agent efficiency and plan course correction

Loan analytics

Get actionable insight on receivables with delinquency data by region, product type, days overdue, frequency of defaults in a map based view

Dealer network management

Identify missing agencies / distributors / brokers /dealers in your network and reach-out to empanel them

Site selection

Discover the best locations for setting up new branches, onboarding new agents by shortlisting high potential areas based on demographics, affluence, places of interest and level of penetration

Branch / ATM Relocation

Uncover new locations to relocate existing ATMs or branches to improve penetration, tap new audience, improve service etc.

Market insight

Track market development, unserviced areas and competition


Optimize your retail network by relocating / closing branches in the city to decongest over-serviced areas and efficiently allocate field reps to leads / service cases based on grids

Area Risk profiling

Fast track approvals / rejections using affluence data, existing delinquency levels, business establishments in vicinity etc. to pinpoint high risk (negative) areas where prospects would not qualify for credit approval

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