Cash Management

Cash transportation and ATM service

Cash movement within banks or ATMs requires high security and agility. Dista helps banks and cash logistics providers track cash in transit and vehicle movement. Our AI-based location intelligence platform overlays data on maps-based visualization and offers customized reports, alerts, and remedial actions.

ATM and cash management challenges

Benefits of ATM and cash management solution

Increase customer penetration with the right ATM site selection

Faster turnaround on ATM maintenance service calls

Reduced cash movement security concerns due to geo-coded asset tracking and alerts

Minimizing cash movement overheads with correct fleet sizing

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Features of ATM and cash transit management

ATM network optimization

Determine the right location for installing new ATMs or re-locate the existing ones based on congestion metrics, competitor ATMs, demographics, customer density, places of interest, and more.

ATM maintenance and service

Ensure quicker fix rates by assigning the right ATM technician with appropriate tools. Track progress in real-time.

Uberization of cash

Enable cash logistics companies and banks to offer cash pick-up and deposit services via a mobile app with oversight over field operations, assignments, and transactions.

Live vehicle tracking

Track your cash vehicles with real-time ETAs, route deviations, driver behavior, mileage reports, and asset history.

Real-time alerts

Get instant alerts triggered for critical events such as entry and exit of geo-fence areas, route deviations, vehicle idling, unplanned stoppages, or speeding.

Emergency button

Enable your cash vehicle personnel to alert central offices in case of vehicle breakdown, threats, traffic delays, roadblocks, more.

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