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Red zone detection

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Serviceable Address Validation for determining red/ orange/ green zones during Covid-19

Since the commencement of nation-wide lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, knowing the containment zone for a given physical location is of utmost importance. Containment zone limits are being constantly changed and updated by administrative and government authorities. 


While this information is often released in public domain via multiple media sources such as newspapers, press releases, local municipality portals, social media etc. – a single central source of truth is not available.  Also what’s allowed in each containment zone also keeps on changing.


Dista helps businesses with field operations to keep a track of the geo-fences across the country.


   Food delivery


   Grocery delivery


   Medicine delivery


   E-commerce delivery


   Field service (telecom, home appliances)


   Doorstep banking, Loan application qualifications


   Cash delivery



Challenges with COVID – 19



Ever-changing containment zone list



No single source of truth for containment zones



Changing definition of what is allowed in which zone type.



Difficulty in catering to orders in red zones



Administrative hassle of finding red zones and ensuring orders are rejected



Poor customer experience on cancellation of order accepted by online storefront



Field operations

with containment zone detector

  Tradezone definition


The Dista location intelligence platform enables businesses to create trade zones / delivery grids based on multiple parameters that can be chosen by the business. The solution “draws” the serviceable zones automatically and the operations teams can update these zones manually to fine-tune the maps-based dashboard.



Based on the address of the delivery location, Dista can determine whether to service it or not based on pre-set parameters or containment zones

  Order mapping


Dista also helps them to automate the mapping of accepted orders to various stores based on the store trade zones.



Dista also helps them to automate the mapping of accepted orders to various stores based on the store trade zones.

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COVID hotspot detection



Once an order arrives, Dista automatically references the geo-coordinates of the order delivery address with its Dista COVID database and identifies whether the delivery address lies in a containment zone (red, yellow, green etc). Based on this, it can automatically reject an order or notify admin for manual intervention as per the business requirement



Alarm for Red Zone entry 


Dista provides an automated alert to the driver via app as well as to control admin dashboard when the vehicle enters a red zone.



Real-time staff temperature tracking


Dista allows appending temperature log and other custom text on order info and receipt to get trust of your patrons by showing them name & body-temperature of staff



Virus advisory


Dista can be configured to provide in-app help-desk / FAQ section on precautions, best-practices, help-desk, live chat and other epidemic updates which reduce unnecessary distractions and rumor mongering.




  Auto-detection of containment zones



 Reduction in manual errors and time to decide service/ delivery feasibility to a specific location



 Dynamic rejection of orders from red zones



  Route adjustment to avoid red zones


How it works

Route adjustment to avoid red zones

  • Delivery orchestration workflow kicks-in for smooth doorstep delivery
  • Dista uses geo-coding to convert order address to longitude and latitude
  • Dista references coordinates with its containment zone database to identify what zone the Address falls in
  • Based on red, orange, green zone, Dista automatically rejects or accepts the order
  • Accepted order is auto allocated to the best possible store in the given tradezone for fulfillment
  • Delivery orchestration workflow kicks-in for smooth doorstep delivery
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