Dealer Network Management

Scout for Distributor, Channel Partners, Franchises and Agencies

For industries with multiple customer-touch points (company retailers, dealers, distributors, carrying and forwarding agents, franchise, etc.), improving the performance of dealers is paramount to provide high quality service to customers in all locations.

Dista dealer network management solution leverages location intelligence to monitor performance, increase presence and balance the demand.

Problems solved by dealer network management

🏬 Inefficient process to find new channel partners

🏬 Poor visibility into existing dealer performance

🏬 Cumbersome on-boarding process

🏬 Cannibalization between dealers

Benefits of dealer network management

Faster channel expansion
Comprehensive area coverage resulting in better serviceability
Quick on-boarding of distributors, franchises and agencies
Better visibility into dealer network performance

Features of dealer network management

New dealer location finder

Find the best locations for your distributor / franchise expansion based on parameters such as gender, income, competition presence, sales data, spend patterns, ease of access etc.

New dealer discovery

Group your distribution network and segment it by various criteria. Find potential businesses that qualify as channel partners and expand search radius in terms of distance, pin-codes, filters, keywords

Instant sales forecast

Combine external data with your historical sales data and build a sales estimate to evaluate the potential of each dealer and area

Distributor network view

Plot existing dealers on a map to identify over-served and under-served areas

Dealer de-cannibalization

Establish dealer exclusivity zones, estimate the new volume of business without interfering with the current establishments.

New dealer onboarding

Set up a plan to visit new dealers by feeding data into field force management to map accounts to reps, create a field visit schedule, beat route planning, assign tasks to various reps.

See Dista dealer network management solution in action

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