Field Sales Management

Field sales management software for mobile workforce

Managing the field sales is quite a challenging task for most of the industries. A lot of time is wasted in waiting for job assignments, manually submitting reports and searching for the locations.

Dista’s field sales management software empowers field sales reps across verticals to improve sales productivity, enhance performance and reduce turnaround time with a mobile friendly, flexible and customizable AI powered sales automation platform.

Problems solved by field sales management software

👉 Limited visibility of field sales activities

👉 Inefficient appointment setting and beat planning of sales reps

👉 Traditional call based coordination with heavy paperwork and admin tasks

👉 Missed SLAs, lengthy sales cycles and long turnaround times

👉 Dependence on static location and business data

Benefits of field sales management software

Higher sales rep productivity with more meetings
Streamlined communication with field staff
Improved sales rep tracking
Reduced turnaround time

Features of field sales management software

Sales prospecting

Drive more meetings with the right prospects.

Territory management

Assign specific territories for each sales rep based on pin codes, density, neighborhood, zip code, etc

Permanent journey plan

Effective beat planning powered by location intelligence with geo-tagged transactions, route optimization, visit planning

Prospect profiling

Stay informed about your prospects with pictures, custom fields, credit history, activity etc.

Appointment setting

Integrate with CRM, book appointments, schedule meetings and view calendars

Team chat

Stay connected with group messages, individual chat or FAQ library

Attendance and expenses

Monitor route deviation, incorrect check-ins and allow app-based leave and expense management for sales reps

Paperless sales

Eliminate manual orders, scan documents, onboard customers, enable digital payments and get rid of paperwork to let your field staff add more hours to their day

Sales analytics

Track your sales performance with custom dashboards for individual sales reps, teams, regions etc and identify leakages, improvement areas etc

Start your field sales management with Dista?

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