Fleet Tracking Software

Fleet & Asset tracking management software

Vehicle fleet owners need to stay competitive by tracking vehicles in the field, monitoring drivers, managing fuel costs and complying with safety and other regulations while providing their customers with top notch services


Dista fleet tracking software enables transportation companies to get rid of spreadsheets and paper-based processes to track, analyze and improve their fleet operations. Get an insight into total costs, cost-per-mile, asset utilization and overall fleet operations with visual dashboards and reports.

Problems solved by fleet tracking software

  • Poor visibility into fleet performance
  • Rising regulations and compliance penalties
  • Under utilization of fleet assets
  • Inability to monitor driver behaviour

Benefits of fleet management system

Optimum asset utilization with lower idling time

Higher fleet and driver safety

Better compliance with regulations such as HOS, DVIR and IFTA

Deeper visibility with fleet insights and analytics

Features of fleet management software

Asset tracking

Track location of your drivers and vehicles in real-time

Driver behaviour

Monitor driver behavior like hours of service(HOS), route deviation, delays, over-speeding, excessive idling and rash driving

Vehicle capacity management

Make the best use of your loading capacity by achieving optimal vehicle load factor and reduce under utilization or overloading

Live Alerts & Notifications

Get instant updates on vehicle movement as they pass certain boundaries, point of interest, complete deliveries, exit hubs, unauthorized entries via geofencing etc.

Driver safety and emergency

SOS button to alert central office about breakdowns, roadblocks or other threats thereby allowing nearest

Expense management

Allow drivers to log expenses and upload receipts for fuel, toll, parking etc via mobile app to ensure fast reimbursements

Optimized route plans

Ensure timely deliveries and minimize drive times with faster routes optimized for traffic and weather

GPS Tracking

Improve customer communication and operational efficiency with real-time route tracking, auto ETA alerts, and instant route updates.

Fleet Safety

Keep your fleet assets protected with round the clock visibility, off-hours use alerts, theft detection and unauthorized movement alerts

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