Locator services

BFSI companies, restaurants, retail shops, and other businesses have multiple branches, outlets, or stores. A locator service is a tool that helps customers find the location of the business in the proximity of an area. By leveraging Dista’s locator service, customers can discover outlets and stores based on various attributes making it simpler to find data and request services. It also allows searching and filtering of stores based on services or product offerings across different working hours.

Locator service use cases

Banks and ATMs

Banks can integrate the locator service tool on their website and help their customers know about different branch locations based on their current location or using a zip code. Similarly, they can add locations of their ATMs, thereby making it easier for their customers to find the nearest ATM location.

Our locator tool is customizable and enables banks to add essential filters like a corporate office, regional office, bank branch, microfinance branch, rural branch, and more. When a user selects a particular branch, they can see the operating hours and working days, along with the address and phone number.


Health insurance providers can integrate our locator service tool on their company website and help customers find network hospitals. Users can get additional information about the hospital with different filters like Hospital Inpatient care (IPD), Hospital Outpatient care (OPD), etc. They can even add the distance filter and look for hospitals within a defined distance parameter.


Vehicle insurance providers can help customers find a garage that accepts cashless and non-cashless insurance in a specific location. Our locator service also searches with vital filters like dealers, authentic centers, multi-brand, etc. Users can also receive detailed information like the name of the contact person and their phone number via SMS.

Benefits of locator service

Allow business owners to enter or export location information to generate a map manually

Enable potential customers to find locations based on designated filters

Provide businesses with analytics based on location interaction

Benefits of store locator solution

Businesses can generate a map by manually entering or exporting location information

Potential customers can narrow down locations based on designated filters

Dista locator offers businesses analytics based on location interaction

Looking to transform your locator services?

Features of store locator solution

Store locator

The solution creates an interactive map for your website that locates all of your stores.

Places of interest

Identify places of interest in and around your location, including stores and competitor outlets.

Deep integration

Embed in a website or mobile app to provide a seamless experience for customers.

Dynamic update option

Automatically update the results when the user pans the map.

Custom store icons and labels

Show different icons for different store types.

Easy updates

Efficiently manage locations with bulk upload.


See which stores are getting the most traffic, where potential customers are searching, and areas not serviced.

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