Medicine Delivery Software

On demand pharmacy delivery solution

With the rise of on-demand delivery, even the medical industry is witnessing a change in consumer patterns with patients increasingly opting to receive medicines at the comfort of their homes / offices.

Dista last mile medicine delivery software helps pharmacies and medicine stores to improve productivity, delivery agent utilization, and logistics visibility

Problems solved by medicine delivery software

💊 Multiple fulfilment points resulting in higher costs

💊 Higher returns / cancellations due to time sensitive nature of medicines

💊 Painful customer experience with no update on order status

💊 Inability to accept multiple payment modes

Benefits of medicine delivery app

Improved patient satisfaction
Efficient hybrid workforce management
Faster and cheaper medicine deliveries
Higher delivery SLA compliance

Features of medicine delivery software

Digital order records

Store the history of all your orders, making it easy to access critical medicine details anytime, anyplace

Order Dashboard

Get an overview of all orders, whether ongoing or completed providing detailed insights on patient’s buying behaviour, inventory, replenishment and SLAs

Automated scheduling

Streamline dispatch and routing by implementing centralized, automated dispatch at cluster level

Third party agent management

Define end to end delivery hierarchy including own, contracted, third party delivery agents and courier services

Digital information capture

Reduce friction with customers by capturing proof of delivery within the app with OTP, e-sign, photo, geo-coding etc

Real-time tracking

Provide customers with real time status of their orders with live delivery tracking with ETA

Get on demand medicine delivery at doorstep with Dista?

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