Pathology lab sample collection software

Mobile Phlebotomy Software

With the rise of on-demand delivery, even the diagnostic  industry is opening up to home services where patients can avail home sample collection for pathology laboratories. Equipping your phlebotomist with the right software for ensuring hassle free sample collection can be a deal breaker.


Dista mobile phlebotomy collection software helps diagnostic centers and pathology labs  to deliver seamless home services with mobile phlebotomy app, ease of booking and digitalization of the entire process from appointment to reports.

Problems solved by lab sample collection software

  • Long waiting times and queue at diagnostic labs
  • Incorrect sampling and patient records
  • Lack of info about other test, services, offers
  • Back and forth communication due to multi party touchpoints
  • Limited payment modes

Benefits of blood sample collection software

Increased patient safety due to reduced identification errors

Hassle free paperless health check ups

Higher accuracy with paperless processing

Easier access and storage with digital patient records and reports

Features of mobile phlebotomy collection software

Appointment Booking

Facilitate patients to book blood tests, specimen collection from home via web, app, phone with preferred time slot, test details and payment options

Patient Management

Easily register new patients with mobile app and capture demographics with image scan, doc upload, verification, location etc. with easy wizard based forms

Alerts and notifications

Keep your patients informed about booking confirmations, due dates, reminders, test progress, report collections etc via SMS/ email

Paperless diagnostics

Avoid printouts and hand signatures with digital signs, online reports and OTP/email based confirmations

Phlebotomist capacity management

Allocate home sample collections to phlebotomists based on availability, time of day, skill set, proximity, time spent at patient, equitable workload distribution

Specimen collection visit planning

Minimize time between multiple sample collection locations with expert beat routing

Field phlebo tracking

Provide your field technician with all information in a single app related to specimen collection location, test details, patient history, upcoming visits, instructions and track entire field activity in real time as it progresses

Phlebotomy log sheet

Use mobile app to collect test specifics such as draw site, date, resident, test data, signature capture, etc.

Billing and payments

Digitize entire payment process right from order request, invoicing, payment integrations and digital record of past transactions

Field phlebo enablement

Empower your field phlebotomist with an array of FAQs, help documents, group chats, offerings and best practices so that they act as perfect face of your lab

Test Wise Analytics

Get insights into frequently booked tests, repeat patients, peak load seasons etc which can help planning for additional test equipment and personnel.

Promotions and offers

Get an idea of patient trends, popular tests, seasonality and spend patterns to offer personalized promotions, packages and discounts

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