Pharma field sales rep software

Field sales management software for pharmaceuticals medical reps

A strong field sales workforce is critical to the pharmaceutical sector by creating awareness of drugs and medicines.

Dista field sales rep management tracking software for pharmaceuticals medical reps is an advanced way to manage field salesforce by keeping a track of their daily field activities, sales performance analysis, appointment setting, live tracking and analytics.

Problems solved by MR reporting software

  • Poor accountability and productivity with dip in sales
  • Inefficient human driven field visit planning
  • Poor visibility into actual field activities
  • Time consuming expense claims

Benefits of MR reporting system

Increased number of HCP / pharmacy visits per day

Lesser cost per doctor visit due to better beat route planning

Higher conversions due to smart HCP / physician profiling

Improved efficiency due to lesser paperwork

Features of MR reporting app


Help your sales reps to uncover new opportunities (doctors, clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, etc) within pre-defined territory

Lead management

Manage the entire lead process through your mobile app right from data entry, document capture, doctorr profiling, prospect history, team chat and appointment setting

Doctor visit beat planning

Create automated visit plans by taking into account historical data, distances, time per visit, non-overlapping clusters, sales rep skills, past performance and real life constraints

Expense Management

Get rid of long paperwork and approval times by simplifying expense management with easy form filling and reimbursements

Attendance & leaves

Monitor your field reps with geo-tagged clock-in/clock-out and app based leave management


Empower your teams to get intouch with each other with instant messaging, FAQs and group chat

Sales performance insights

Get on top of your game with team performance scorecards, leader-boards and performance based awards

Pharma sales rep mobile app

Make the most of your visits with app based on-boarding, order collection, invoicing and payments, visit reports, appointment and collect orders from clinics, doctors, and pharmacies

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