Property valuation and assessment

Field Force Management for Property Valuers

Property valuers often need to visit multiple sites, capture data points, collaborate with customers and log information.


Dista helps real estate companies and advisors with a field property management software to visit, assess, value and maintain information about residential and commercial properties.

Problems solved by field property valuation software

  • Mismanagement of on-the field visits resulting in high costs
  • Manual data capture process
  • Multiple correspondence with customers with missed appointments
  • Error prone valuations due to hassled field valuers

Benefits of field property valuation software

Faster response time due to uniform digital data capture

Easier correspondence with customers

Streamlined workload management for field valuers

Reduced cost of site visits

Features of field property valuation software

Property inspections

Swiftly inspect properties with mobile app enabling field inspectors to capture geo-coded image capture, property attributes, location verification, categorization and other details

Property valuation

Enable field valuers to input their data into mobile app with workflows designed for verification, approvals and valuation calculations

New valuation / assessment request

Provide preferred time slot selection by allowing customer to choose from a list of available time slots for onsite inspection

Live valuer tracking

Enable your customers to track arrival of the valuer along with other details

Curbside inspection

Allocate jobs to valuer based optimal route, avalability, number of appointments, inspection time etc.

Navigation and field execution

In-app navigation for valuer to navigate to the job location with check in/out of job within geo-fenced area

Valuers field app

View jobs, complete action updates, block out time on calendar and open navigation applications for upcoming property locations

Analytics and reports

Get comprehensive reporting of key metrics around allocations, valuer territories, heat maps, time on road, etc.

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