Retail Delivery Software

Last mile delivery software for retail, consumer goods and e-commerce

In the retail, FMCG and e-commerce space, fast and efficient deliveries have a huge role to play in keeping customers loyal to the brand. Same day deliveries and omni-channel deliveries have changed the paradigm for retail delivery. This has pushed up the demand for online retail delivery software that enables efficient management of booming retail and e-commerce orders.

Ensuring successful online deliveries hinges on implementation of a good retail order management software. Dista’s retail product management software is the perfect fit to give your e-commerce and retail delivery business a technology edge.

Dista’s retail delivery management system and e-commerce delivery management software makes your retail and e-commerce deliveries more efficient and reliable with location intelligence and AI to boost customer experience.

Problems solved by retail delivery software

👗 Delays in delivery due to bad addresses, unavailable customers

👗 Higher costs per delivery with missed orders, repeat visits

👗 Lesser number of deliveries per agent per day

👗 Sub optimal customer experience with multiple handshakes and poor visibility

Benefits of online retail delivery app

Increased number of deliveries
Accurate route planning
Reduced turnaround time
Lesser delays in delivery fulfillment

Features of retail delivery software

Delivery time slot

Give options to choose preferred day and time for receiving orders thereby reducing failed delivery attempts

Live shipment alerts

Allow your customers to track the shipment in real time to ensure availability on receipt. This enables the customer to be available to receive the shipment.

Automated scheduling

Deliver within narrow timeframes with automated dispatch based on skills, proximity, capacity, route

Delivery resource management

Reduce costs by conveniently choosing between own delivery agents, contractors, aggregators and third parties

Vehicle fill ratio

Choose the best vehicle combinations and optimize the weight and volume capacity of each delivery vehicle

Advanced route planning

Optimized routes make retail delivery fulfilment faster and also ensures that the delivery timelines are met. This enhances customer experience as well as improved delivery efficiency.

Reverse logistics

Simplify reverse pick-up times and digitize returns / cancellation documentation with all scenarios for return-to-merchant (RTM) and return-to-origin (RTO) cases

Delivery experience

Automate billing, payments, returns and cancellations, feedbacks, GPS tracking and much more, all in real-time

Delivery analytics

Dig deeper into delivery performance with analysis of missed deliveries, SLA compliances, route heat map, asset history and delivery vehicle density

Get on demand retail delivery at your doorstep with Dista?

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