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Ride Sharing App / Carpooling Management Software/ Carpooling App

Carpooling is the new trend taking over the public transport landscape. As a shared mobility service reinventing the way public transport is consumed , ride sharing enables customers to benefit from pocket-friendly rides by sharing their everyday local commute journey.

With Dista, you can build a modern rideshare app that is affordable and reliable. Our ridesharing solution has been designed to create a whitelabeled customized offering for your brand that caters to the growing needs of on demand shared mobility services.

Problems solved by ride sharing software

πŸš— Long commute time

πŸš— Unaffordable taxi prices

πŸš— Long waiting times

πŸš— Unsustainable asset utilization

πŸš— Not enough parking space

Benefits of ride sharing app

Speedy ride discovery with multiple options
Visibility of all ongoing rides
Dynamic pricing
Secured ride experience for drivers and riders

Features of ride sharing software

Ride discovery & booking

Locate nearby vehicles matching your requirements and select the one with least walking detour. Repeat rides option for setting preference based ride schedule

Choose your co-travellers

Manually choose co-travelers as well as ride-givers or AI enabled instant suggestions on the basis of their profiles, ratings, price, etc.

Accept/reject ride

Gives drivers the authority to either accept or reject the request as per their convenience

Group chat

Be in touch with your co-travelers through group chat to share necessary updates

Map based live tracking

Easily track the exact location of your rides and/or co-travelers

Verification & ratings

Safety features like Profile Verification, Vehicle Registration, Co-traveller details along with reviews and ratings.

Pricing & payment

Dynamic ride pricing engine based on vehicle, make, demand, time etc. Smooth money exchange with multiple payment gateways. Integration with insurance vendors for optimal coverage.

Fleet rebalancing

Dynamic rebalancing to suggest locations which need additional vehicles

Manage your ride sharing business with Dista?

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