Leading micro finance company improves real-time field visibility with Dista field force management

A non-banking finance company (NBFC), regulated by the Reserve Bank of India distributes small loans that begin at Rs. 2,000 (about $44) to poor borrowers in the remotest parts of India  so they can start and expand simple businesses and increase their incomes. The company’s mission is to provide financial services to the economically weaker sections.


Working on a community lending model, the Indian microfinance company wanted to increase business penetration in rural areas as well as get complete visibility into the operation of its field force. The NBFC had no visibility into the activity of its field workforce  managers in the field. Multiple follow-ups , longer reporting times, manual processes and other such challenges  made this task painful.


Dista’s field force management software was customized to streamline the NBFC’s processes and improve field productivity.

Micro finance company uses Dista platform

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Solution highlights:

  • Live tracking of daily area covered by the Sangam Managers with travel calculation and reimbursement
  • Automated beat plan for better scheduling of tasks
  • Geo-fencing alerts to identify any route deviations
  • App based recce reporting for new centre creation
  • Detailed reports (loans disbursed, collections made, new clients engaged with, time spent at each cluster and any other task related to area survey, reporting, documentation as required)


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