How can logistics industry improve their business through location intelligence

Thursday, 27th August, 2020
Time – 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM IST

Location intelligence for Logistics and Shipping

Deploying location data and map-based technologies can deliver innovative solutions to solve the unique challenges faced by businesses today.

Geospatial technologies can help optimize business performance and maximize return on investments (ROI). For logistics and shipping companies, it delivers clear advantage.

With location intelligence tools, logistics companies can uncover undetected business challenges with real-time contextual geographical data and take better control of their internal operations as well as have an edge over the competition.

Leveraging location intelligence for Logistics and Shipping

According to Gartner, the number of organizations using location intelligence will grow fourfold by 2021. The pressure on logistics industry is growing everyday with rising costs, labour crunch, and on-demand customer expectations for priority deliveries.

Location data has great potential to optimize any business landscape. For the logistics sector too, location based data can be greatly leveraged to enhance business efficiency.

Location intelligence for the logistics sector addresses these peculiar challenges, especially to track down unwanted costs and delays. This webinar is specifically built for the specialists in the logistics sector to discover what Location intelligence can deliver.

Join to discover:

  • How Logistics sector is being impacted by location data
  • What operations in the logistics sector have a location component
  • Use-cases of location intelligence for logistics
  • How location intelligence is enhancing outcomes for the logistics sector (with examples)

Webinar structure – Location intelligence in Logistics and Shipping

1) Introduction to Location Intelligence

2) Introduction to Google Maps

3) How Google Maps, MediaAgility and Dista are helping Logistics companies leverage location intelligence towards:

  • Fleet Management
  • First Mile / Last Mile Delivery
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Scheduling and Job Management
  • Cost Management
  • Route Optimization


4) Success stories for location intelligence in Logistics

5) Q&A

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