Location intelligence in Manufacturing: Building new outcomes

Thursday, 3rd September, 2020
Time – 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM IST

Location intelligence in Manufacturing

The potential of using location intelligence technology for the manufacturing industry is huge. Location intelligence can play a great role in offering organizations complete, real-time and highly accurate visibility of all the assets and operations.

Furthermore, location data can be greatly leveraged to improve the efficiency, safety and security of your manufacturing operations.

Leveraging location intelligence for Manufacturing

Why manufacturers need location intelligence technology?

The manufacturing sector is often plagued with delays and asset losses. Location intelligence brings increased transparency and visibility of all components of your manufacturing supply chain. Any connected object can be tracked in real-time, which gives greater control over industry assets.

This could not only help in enabling better planning of key industry resources but also lead to predicting better ETAs. This simplifies inventory management as well as help in improving the efficiency of your manufacturing process flow. Data insights can project inefficiencies that can be plugged in time to any revenue losses. Adding another layer of security to the manufacturing plant, geofencing alerts can prove invaluable to mobilise the right resources with real-time visibility.

This webinar is specifically built for those working with key resources in the manufacturing industry to discover what Location intelligence can deliver.

Join to discover:

  • How manufacturing sector is being impacted by location data
  • What operations in the manufacturing sector have a location component
  • Use-cases of location intelligence for manufacturing
  • How location intelligence is enhancing outcomes for the manufacturing sector (with examples)

Webinar structure – Location intelligence in Manufacturing

1) Introduction to Location Intelligence

2) Introduction to Google Maps

3) How Google Maps, MediaAgility and Dista are helping Manufacturing companies leverage location intelligence towards:

  • Inventory Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Optimized Supply Chain
  • Enhanced Workplace Safety
  • Resource Planning


4) Success stories for location intelligence in Manufacturing

5) Q&A

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