Disrupting retail and FMCG with location intelligence

The global retail and consumer goods industry is currently going through a phase of massive transformation. Mapping technology has changed the scenario for user experience in the past few years. Customers use smartphones to keep track of their deliveries, find directions to places and also pinpoint locations at certain times when required. Hence, location services have become very important for providing a better user experience.

Location is at the heart of consumer operations. Location data helps in optimising your sales beats, automating fulfilment operations and reducing shipping cost for distributors.

Read more to explore various imperatives for consumer businesses, their pain points and how innovative location intelligent solutions can disrupt their business.

Key takeaways from this e-book:

  • Challenges faced by retail and FMCG

  • Key impact areas for retail and consumer goods business

  • Distributor network management for retail and consumer goods

  • Territory planning using geo-location analytics

  • Store network optimization with geo spatial data

  • Field force management in retail and FMCG

  • Logistics and distribution management in retail and FMCG

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