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COVID-19: The New Norm – Contactless Delivery


13 May, 2020

Due to Covid-19, it’s a new world. Humans, until now known as ‘social animals’ are trying to distance themselves in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. This new normal has given rise to a new concept – contactless delivery


With people averse to stepping out, there is a rise in demand for doorstep delivery – right from food, medicines, groceries to some uncharted territories such as cash at your doorstep, doorstep banking and more. With limited physical contact being the need of the hour, this has put greater focus on complying with stringent safety and security protocols, as well as leveraging new digital technology like drones and bots to make deliveries safe and accessible across a larger expanse.


On the other hand, reducing the risk of infection and limiting contact by minimizing time spent on a job is also the need for delivery agents and drivers.


Through this insightful piece, Dista looks at the trends in contactless delivery, challenges, implications and how technology can help to offer fast, safe, contactless last mile delivery.


Learn how a delivery orchestration software can be utilized efficiently in these times to ensure contactless last mile deliveries through three main levers:

  • Contactless deliveries
  • Delivery resource safety
  • Delivery operations optimization

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