Dista 2022: Year in Review: Google Cloud Build Partner, Zenith Awards, New Office, and more

Dista had a fantastic year with multiple crucial wins that will help us further in our growth trajectory. The year has been monumental, from onboarding multiple clients to solving unique use cases with the power of our AI-enabled location intelligence platform. Let’s take a quick look at all the key achievements, events, and wins we witnessed in 2022.


First Anniversary of the Foundation Day


We kicked off 2022 by celebrating Dista’s first anniversary of Foundation Day on January 6th, 2022. All the co-founders and team members shared their memories and events of the early days of Dista.


Dista becomes ISO 27001:2013 Certified


Dista won the prestigious ISO 27001:2013 Certification. The certification has strengthened our infrastructure and processes for further challenges.


International Women’s Day Celebration


The leadership team took a moment to reflect and pledged to increase equity further and ensure Dista is a place of equal opportunities. We also spoke to a few inspirational women at Dista to find out what they think about equality and gender biases. 


Dista Direction 2022 – Annual Strategy Review


Dista’s executive and the leadership team conducted Dista Direction 2022 – an annual strategy meeting. The yearly meeting helps us strategize and accomplish our vision. 


Key Win! Dista becomes a Google Cloud Build Partner


Dista became a Google Cloud Build Partner! The partnership helps us expand to new markets and address unique business use cases with the power of our AI-enabled location intelligence platform.

Events Galore! Dista Exhibits and Sponsors for Multiple Events


We had a fantastic year in terms of exhibiting and sponsoring events. Dista exhibited at the 7th BFSI Leadership Summit and was a Bronze partner for the 11th Big CIO Show & Awards.


Game on! Dista Foosball League

Dista Foosball League (DFL) was our first foosball tournament in the office. DISTANs had fun choosing their partners and rooting for their favorite teams. 


It’s time for the Zenith Awards and Celebration!


We conducted our maiden Dista Zenith Awards to reward the talent and outstanding contribution of DISTANs. A big bash followed the award ceremony!


Dista gets a New Office Space in the US


Dista got a new office space in Princeton, New Jersey, to cater to the growing demand of customers in North America.

Dista was the Gold Partner for FSM Summit 2022


Dista’s CTO and Co-founder, Deepak Garg, was a hit at the Field Service Management Summit 2022 for his session on how Gig Economy is fueling the field service ecosystem.


Interview with ELETS Ft. Nishant Kumar, CPO and Co-founder


Dista’s CPO and Co-founder, Nishant Kumar, talks about the possibilities with location intelligence and much more in an interview with ELETS.

How's That? Dista Premier League 2022


Dista Premier League 2022, our version of the IPL, was a huge success. DISTANs showcased tremendous sportsmanship and fantastic cricket performance.


DISTANs Celebrate Diwali

Diwali celebrations at Dista were in full swing as DISTANs wore ethnic attire and joined in the festivities.


Dista Conducts #IamRemarkable Workshop for Women of Dista


Dista conducted organized an #IamRemarkable interactive workshop for women of Dista under its L&D initiative. 


Secret Santa and Christmas Celebration!


After having a fantastic 2022, we are super pumped to enter 2023 with bigger ambitions. We are all set to accomplish our goals and be a leader in the location intelligence space.

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