Banking & Finance

Everything in financial services is hyperlocal. Knowing where in banking is the key to understanding what and why. Today, the scope of doorstep services or ‘home banking’ , goes far beyond cash withdrawal/DD request and comprises other services ranging from adding a nominee, collecting documents, verifying identity (KYC), cash / cheque pickups to opening a new account and delivering credit cards

Using location intelligence solutions for banking and finance, Dista helps you to rationalize inefficient branch networks, streamline field operations, and enhance customer experience


Rising competition in the insurance business has made it imperative for insurers to reduce cost of acquiring new customers, reducing the cost of inspections while maintaining the highest quality in delivering services to customers. operational costs while maintaining working efficiency.

Location intelligence in insurance helps to add value to insurance operations such as inspection, sales, service, underwriting and advisory. Dista field force management for insurance helps insurers to manage leads, speed up operations, expand their reach and provide top class service.

Logistics and shipping

With e-commerce booming in every industry, delivery and logistics have changed drastically in recent years. With the advent of e-commerce and food delivery, there has been an increased focus on same-day shipping, on-time deliveries, real-time tracking, and greater customer experience. This entails a greater need for proper planning, scheduling, routing, and other logistical issues

Dista automates and optimizes your logistics operations with intelligent routing, smart delivery planning, geo-enabled vehicle clustering to boost business efficiency, and ensures SLA compliance, eventually delighting the customers. Our suite of location intelligence for logistics and transportation helps to deliver a seamless delivery experience across various modes.

First to last mile logistics optimization

Pharmaceuticals, Lifesciences, Healthcare

The success of the pharmaceutical sector rides on creating awareness of drugs and medicines which is made possible by a strong field sales workforce or marketing representatives (MRs). Another crucial aspect is ensuring the availability of medicines at the right channel – stockists, distributors, and pharmacies which necessitates a robust distribution network. Coordination, transparency, communication, and real-time updates are essential to the back office, supply chain, logistics as well as the field force personnel.

Quick service restaurants (QSR)

In the age of e-commerce, restaurant customers are more tech-savvy and will settle for nothing less than a perfect food delivery experience.

Dista’s powerful restaurant delivery software, restaurant chains, and restaurant delivery services can now easily meet and exceed the on-demand expectations of their customers in terms of operational efficiency and customer experience.

Deliver the experience, not just food! Empower your outlets, franchisees, and eateries with the ability to not only orchestrate food delivery but also streamline order management, resource allocation, and store setup.

Retail & Consumer Goods

Dista addresses the challenges of last-mile delivery by offering you pick up and delivery management, hassle-free tracking of the agents, along with an easy assignment of tasks and complete management.

With Dista location intelligence for retail and consumer goods, deliver the experience, not just goods! Empower your customers with the ability to connect with your brand on-the-go, whenever and from wherever they want to!