Dealer Network Management – All you need to know

What is dealer network management?

Dealer network management helps businesses track and manage dealer activities and their performance. The central system offers real-time updates on the status of all leads or order requests and streamlines end to end processes like dealer identification, dealer onboarding, and order collection.

Key dealer network management use cases

  • Recognize areas most suitable to have distributor/retailer/dealer
  • Map distributors and retailers for an established area or radius
  • Identify overlapping areas of dealer and retailer
  • Provide dealer access on leads or orders
  • Track sales and services team performance
Dealer Network Management

What does Dista’s dealer network management solution offer?

1) Dealer visualization

Our dealer network management software identifies existing and potential dealers that can qualify as channel partners. It plots existing data for a particular location, city, pincode and overlays it with data including distribution channel network, stores, branches, revenue generated by channels and more.

2) Strategize new dealer visits

Check areas and pincodes served by existing distributors and identify over-served, under-served areas. This helps to reduce cannibalization caused due to overlapping of same dealers and distributors. Identify unserved areas to expand existing coverage and welcome new channel partners.

3) Locate new places of interests

Identify new dealers and locate new places of interest in a defined region based on multiple keywords like grocery, general store, kirana, etc. Export data of identified targets to excel, csv etc.

4) Identify areas best suited to have distributor or dealer

Leverage census data to identify best suitable areas for distributors or dealers based on spending potential and other social economic data.

5) Intelligent gap analysis

Our smart AI and ML based engines do a thorough gap analysis to identify areas where businesses can grow. It helps to understand why the gap exists and get assistance to create and implement a plan to bridge the gap.

6) What-if analysis

Conduct what-if analysis using heat maps to understand your customers, prospects, distributors, and order volume

Key dealer network management benefits

  • Hassle-free process to find new channel partners
  • Easier and deeper visibility into existing dealer performance
  • Faster and smoother on-boarding process for distributors, franchises, and dealers
  • Minimize cannibalization between dealers
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