Logistics and shipping

With e-commerce booming in every industry, delivery and logistics have changed drastically in recent years. With the advent of e-commerce and food delivery, there has been an increased focus on same-day shipping, on-time deliveries, real-time tracking, and greater customer experience. This entails a greater need for proper planning, scheduling, routing, and other logistical issues

Dista automates and optimizes your logistics operations with intelligent routing, smart delivery planning, geo-enabled vehicle clustering to boost business efficiency, and ensures SLA compliance, eventually delighting the customers. Our suite of location intelligence for logistics and transportation helps to deliver a seamless delivery experience across various modes.


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Benefits of logistics delivery management solution

Dispatch more

Increase your deliveries with vehicle fill ratios, fleet utilization, and automated scheduling

Fulfil better

Delight your customers with better routing, real-time ETA, lesser delays, and SLA compliances

Ship faster

Stay on-time with lower turnaround times, optimal route assignments & allocations

Supply cheaper

Cut your costs with lower fuel consumption, better route optimization, and smart loading

Want to optimize your your logistics operations?

Offerings for logistics and delivery management

First to last mile logistics optimization

  • Intelligently club orders based on properties such as preferred delivery time slots, priority orders, location preference, and order specifications (weight, size, content, etc.)

  • Unlock efficient packing configurations for loading cargo into containers, which ensures optimal vehicle fill ratios based on preferred delivery time slots, priority orders, location preference, storage conditions, and order specifications (weight, size, etc.)

  • Automatically allocate pick-ups to the right delivery agent based on a variety of parameters

  • Manage multiple pick-ups, returns, cancellations on the go

Logistics optimization
Delivery experience

Delivery experience

  • Capture real-time electronic proof of delivery (EPOD) via e-signatures, SMS, and photos

  • Reduce friction with customers/shippers offering payment methods, real-time delivery status, and feedback options

  • Real-time tracking and reports that provide greater visibility and control

  • Reduce frauds by allowing order completion only in the delivery geofence

  • Orchestrate white-glove delivery by assigning delivery associates best-suited for the task

Fleet management

  • Get a consolidated map view of your entire fleet, which helps in better bundling and load planning

  • Analyze both driver and fleet performance with MIS reports and exceptions

  • Track turnaround time, ETA, delivery status, route adherence, etc. with geo-coding

  • Improve customer experience and delivery efficiency by getting predictive alerts on delays, vehicle breakdowns, idle time, etc.

  • Cut down on lead times with quicker movement between plants, warehouses, distributors, retailers, or homes

  • SOS for field agents to report vehicle breakdowns, traffic-related delays, or other emergencies

Fleet management
Dynamic route optimization

Dynamic route optimization

  • Dynamic routing provides sequenced formats to optimize the utilization of your vehicles and drivers

  • Arrive at optimized routes in accordance with your business and order variables like preferred time-slot and environmental factors like real-time traffic

  • Get real-time insights and ETA predictions with live tracking, know where your drivers are, and view the estimated time of arrival to each location based on real-time information

  • Benefit from dynamic address clustering leading to better SLA compliance, improved navigation, increased fleet utilization, and lower idle time

Real time analytics

  • Monitor the gaps in your logistics performance in real-time – order management, vehicle and driver tracking, pick-ups, and last mile deliveries

  • Access field reports and dig into historical trends on a live dashboard

  • Predict outcomes with our advanced analytical engine for reports such as delivery times, product availability at warehouse/distributors, deviation alerts, stoppage, driver performance, inefficient distribution, and much more

  • Get a single source of truth by seamlessly integrating with your enterprise software such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce, or other ERP, CRM, TMS, etc.

Real time analytics

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