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Manage your field force to improve productivity and enhance customer satisfaction

Enhancing customer experience

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Dista Service, our field force management software, empowers field technicians to boost customer experience. It enables easier work order creation, job assignment, real-time tracking and more.

Dista philosophy

The combination of Dista with Google Cloud provides the optimal combination for companies to streamline their field force. Our expertise in location-based services and knowledge of service management use cases and trends, combined with Google’s innovation credentials, provides a platform that can help companies stay on top of their game in terms of managing their field service. We have a hybrid approach that combines existing functionality and capability with custom development in targeted areas and integration with a company’s existing systems.

We can build a customizable platform that is aimed to improve the user and technician experience. It can differentiate in the areas that matter to customer experience (CX) and positively influence KPIs like customer retention.

Our suite helps manage hurdles in agency operations, lead lifecycle, in-field productivity, agent monitoring, inventory, senior technician support, among others. Leverage our customizable and detailed dashboards to iron out the kinks in your field operations and enrich CX.

Automation while being autonomous

Key principles of Dista Service

  • Mobile office
    Thanks to the dedicated app, field agents have all the details they need to complete their daily operations at their fingertips. Dista Service is a mobile office in a true sense and eliminates the need for agents to come to the office at the start or end of the day to collect or drop any paperwork.

  • Drill-down reporting
    Avoid information upload and showcase only summary reports, which the user can click and drill down for specific information. This makes consuming and analyzing data more accessible.

  • Dynamic and automated scheduling
    Dista Service, our field force management app, facilitates dynamic and intelligent scheduling, work order allocation, and planning to reduce field agent downtime and costs significantly. It also allows a combination of batch and real-time scheduling.

  • Configurability
    Our field service management software allows configuration at all levels of the hierarchy (area/zone/city/country) to change individually as required. This helps to adapt to changing business rules as per the geography.

  • Emphasis on self-service for all actors
    The system provides all actors (customers, field personnel, back-office) information and actions at their fingertips within their respective consoles. Self-service increases system usage and reduces unnecessary emails for information requests or actions.

  • Next best action
    For all the actors/actor types, the system proactively suggests ‘next best action’ periodically that are driven via analytics or ML models. For example, the system recommends upsells for a particular customer while the colleague is servicing the customer location or suggests cheaper slots for an upcoming service, etc.

  • Manage by exception
    Our field service management software automates the decision-making and overseeing of tasks. The system reduces reliance on human interaction for decision-making, and they are made in person only on a need-basis for exceptional scenarios.

  • Field personnel focussed functionality
    The field technicians receive alerts on their app in the form of contextual nudges that help them complete their tasks effectively and improve productivity. Nudges guide them to focus on existing and upcoming jobs and save time engaging with volumes of texts.

Dista Service system diagram

Dista system diagram
  • Dista platform is born in the state-of-the-art cloud system running entirely on GCP’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) components.

  • It is a multi-tenant system with a solid framework to enable web-scale, glocalised, customizable, and extendable systems. Over the framework, Dista has pre-created location-centric components like tracking, scheduling, capacity management, geofencing, among others.

  • These components are configured and orchestrated differently for various use cases.

The Dista platform framework

Here are the key macro framework features

  • Hierarchy management: The geographic layout of the personnel, operations, and configurations

  • Roles and responsibilities management: Customer-specific roles definition for who can do what and see what in the system

  • Web-users management: Users are assigned roles and mapped to specific geographies (via hierarchy)

  • Multilingual management: Dista is multilingual and uses resource bundles to enable multiple languages.

  • Processor framework: Dista has a home-grown processor framework. Each processor is a discrete block of code that delivers micro functionality. Multiple such processors are chained together to do larger workpieces. Client-specific processors are written and added to the chain to plug-and-play custom code. It can fire processor chains by connecting them to events or time (similar to cron)

  • Entity workflow: For entities, workflows can be defined, which workflow stage switch is available for which user via which form factor (web/application) can be defined. The workflow stage switches can be accompanied by custom forms filling.

  • OTP management: Define OTP rules such as length and validity and combine these with various workflow stage switches. For example, work order closure needs an OTP from the client manager after the work is done, etc.

  • Notification engine: To configure and push various forms of notifications via various channels to various users. The ‘Admin’ can define the notification template (messaging), channel (web/SMS/email/application push) and events for sending notifications and the system will then send these notifications.

  • Nudges framework: For the field resources to be more successful, giving them inputs at the right time to motivate them, informing them of possible delays and overtime is very important. Dista’s Nudges framework can be configured to check for these scenarios and eventually nudge the field resource accordingly.

  • Events framework: Dista’s core framework works heavily using asynchronous processing. Task queues are used to listen to events and process them.

  • Multi-timezone: Dista server stores data only in Universal Time Coordinated (UTC). In the various presentation layers, the client device timezone is used to convert and display time

Challenges in Field Service Management

For Field Service Executives

  • Slower response time due to lack of reliable communication system between field service agents and supervisors

  • Lack of mobile workforce management software leading to duplicate entries and data loss

  • Lower first-time fix rate due to ineffective work order allocation

  • Tracking and maintaining SKUs in the field

  • Inability to address challenges in real-time due to lack of a knowledge base portal
Job AllocationWarning

For Supervisors

  • Manual job allocation leading to overlapping events and unavailability of time slots

  • Lack of historical data to measure field executive performance

  • Manual processes leading to scheduling and routing conflicts

  • Heavy reliance on paperwork for work order management

  • Lack of system to record attendance and expenses

  • Inefficient system for real-time tracking of field executives

For Customers

  • TAT from service requests raised to closure is quite high

  • No way for customers to select preferred time slots for service requests

  • Absence of an app or module for cancellation and rescheduling of service requests

  • Inability to view real-time updates and ETA of service representatives

  • Lack of a platform to upload feedback, reviews on social media channels and process payments

Why Dista Service

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Optimize operations

  • Smart work order allocation to increase field executive productivity

  • A one-stop app for managing field operations, right from service requests to receipt generation

  • A true paperless field force automation software to manage all field operations

  • Connect with experts and supervisors for effective resolution of service requests

  • Carry inventory details within the app for easy service

  • Get optimal route suggestions via the app to reduce travel time and distance

  • Get instant notifications on service requests via geographies

Track and monitor performance

  • ETA and real-time tracking of field service agents

  • Complete visibility on field operations

  • Create, manage, and view work orders instantly along with live status updates

  • View and manage field executives’ track record and performance via a single platform

  • Central system to manage field service agents’ attendance and expenses

  • Single platform for customers to check ETA and status updates on open service requests

Strategize business enhancement

  • Area definition and analysis of potential leads

  • Improve Net Promoter Score (NPS) with better TAT, first-time fix rates, and customer service

  • Machine learning (ML) engines for resource forecasting and planning

  • Lower onboarding costs, enhanced adoption and lesser technical disruptions

  • Get customized reports to make informed decisions. Use them to define departmental and operational strategies

  • Use Dista app to view and leverage customer feedback for improving customer experience and consumer service

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Key features

Work order management

Create and maintain work orders by parameters such as request type, resources, and skillset among others

Scheduling and dispatch

Intelligent scheduling, planning and dispatching to significantly reduce technician downtime and costs

Agency management

Map multiple service agencies based on geographies, pin codes, etc.

Mobile office

A complete on-the-go solution to manage all tasks and operations for field service agents

Inventory management

Map and track inventories with service requests and field agents in play

Dynamic routing and tracking

Guide and track your field workforce through fastest and safe routes

Territory management

Define and redefine serviceable areas for faster response time

Pricing rules

Enable dynamically priced service request time slots

Reports and insights

Get customized role-based reports for better decision making

Key differentiators


Real-time data

Mobile optimized

AI and ML

Watch Dista Service in action

Looking for a complete on-the-go solution to manage all tasks and operations for field service agents? Check out Dista Service, a one-stop solution for all your field force management requirements. With features like work order management, scheduling and dispatch, inventory management, and more, our field service management software can improve your field force’s productivity and enhance customer satisfaction.

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Dista Service benefits

Boost field service executive productivity

  • Intelligent scheduling reduces field service agents’ downtime

  • Streamline work order for smooth running of daily operations

  • Arrange customer visits by reserving time slots

  • Refer to inventory details within the app for better resolution of customer requests

Service area planning

  • Set up and assign agencies with service areas by pin codes, geographies, etc.

  • Resource allocation per hub or territory. Choose between manual and auto allocation of service requests

  • View and analyze service requests by volume, status, and more

Track team performance

  • Get an overview of the team’s schedule that makes planning effortless and fool-proof

  • Real-time updates related to jobs status

  • Get complete transparency on your team’s activities and performance

  • Custom reports for individual and team for effective resource allocation

  • Increase retention, improve customer satisfaction (CSAT) and get more referrals by delighting your customers

Hassle-free and efficient mobile environment

  • Virtual office-like set up to manage all tasks and operations in the field

  • Route optimization and GPS navigation for reducing travel time

  • Smart, real-time nudges improve turnaround time (TAT)

  • Close service requests with status updates and feedback using OTP-based handshakes

See the platform in action


1) Can this app truly serve as a mobile office for our field service representatives?

Dista Service was created to serve as a virtual office for all field agents due to their hectic travel schedules, intermittent network issues, and data upkeep. They need customer info on the go, along with inventory details, a knowledge base for effective troubleshooting, scheduling/rescheduling meetings, generating service payment receipts, and closing request OTP handshakes, among other things. A truly multi-feature app, Dista Service doubles as an excellent mobile workspace to reduce TAT and improve productivity.

2) Can supervisors access field service agents’ travel history?

Yes, supervisors can track individual field service agents’ history along with completed customer visits and live ETA while on the job. This helps in monitoring field executive productivity owing to the real-time updates of their movements.

3) Will Dista Service help in manual and auto allocation of service requests?

Dista Service’s AI-based allocation engine auto assigns work orders to the right field service agent after considering key factors including availability, skillset, proximity, and more. This helps in maximizing the use of resources and reduces the idle time for field service agents. Managers can also override and assign service requests manually to accommodate requests as per availability, skills, location proximity, etc.

4) How effective is scheduling and routing on the app?

This is a key feature of the app and helps in effective management of work order leads that come into the system and are assigned to field service agents. This helps not only in assigning requests in real-time but also providing agents with shortest and quickest routes to respond to requests sooner. Not only does this help in quick assignment of service requests and TAT but also elevates customer experience and consumer satisfaction.

5) Can organizations track the inventory that field service agents carry?

Details of inventory are on the app and can be tracked via product line, name and other details. This comes in handy when field agents are on service request or getting assigned new ones on the go. This has significantly contributed in first-time fix rates for a number of Dista clients.

6) Can the app be used to generate and distribute service receipts by field agents?

Using the app, field service agents can close service requests and generate receipts for proof of completion and payment processing.

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