Doorstep services

Several businesses use Dista’s AI-enabled location intelligence platform to offer various doorstep services like food delivery, hyperlocal delivery, pathology lab sample collection, and more. A field executive completes all these services, and one of the main challenges is to track them when they are on the go. Our field service management software helps managers and supervisors get a bird’s eye view of their field executives and improve their productivity.

Doorstep service challenges addressed by field service management software

Let’s take a look at some of the key doorstep service challenges addressed by Dista.

Pathology sample collection

  • Long wait times and queue at diagnostic labs
  • Incorrect sampling and patient records
  • Non-linear communication due to multi-party touch-points
  • Limited payment modes

Food delivery

  • Higher volume of missed food deliveries
  • Inefficient order management
  • Inability to track food delivery agents
  • Unhappy customers due to late deliveries

Medicine delivery

  • Multiple fulfillment points resulting in higher costs
  • Higher returns or cancellations due to the time-sensitive nature of medicines
  • Unpleasant customer experience with no update on order status

Doorstep banking

  • Manual capture of customer data with the end of the day logging
  • Communication lag with no real-time updates
  • Heavy paperwork and delays in approvals, processing, and onboarding
  • Missed opportunities and lower conversions

Hyperlocal delivery

  • Delay in order scheduling
  • Legacy systems for inventory management
  • Inability to meet delivery timelines
  • Improper resource allocation and management

Benefits of doorstep services

Higher accuracy with paperless processing

Real-time communication between field agents and managers or supervisors

Higher customer retention for food delivery business

Increased recurring orders for food, medicine, grocery delivery

Reduced cost of food deliveries

Fewer missed or late orders for food delivery

Easier access and storage with digital patient records and reports

Improved customer retention

Paperless operations and higher SLA compliance

Looking to transform your doorstep services?

Features of doorstep services

Real-time tracking

Provide customers with real-time status of their orders with live delivery tracking with ETA.

Digital payments

Offer various payment options with instant receipts and OTP-based transactions. Digitize the entire payment process from order requests, invoicing, payment integrations, and digital records of past transactions.

Capacity management

Intelligent capacity management of field agents with auto calculation based on primary zone, jobs, availability, location, proximity, leaves, and more.

Proof of delivery

Simplify order execution with an in-app collection of signatures, notes, photos, payments, and promotions.

Appointment booking

Ensure the lesser number of visits with preferred time slot selection, document checklists.

Smart scheduling

Automatically allocate jobs to ‘runner boys’ based on proximity, availability, and skills.

Attendance and leaves

In-app leave management for field inspectors with single-click approvals.

Live order tracking

Enable customers to track their food orders in real time and help course correct in case of incorrect routing.

Intelligent allocation of jobs and orders

Intelligently allocate food orders to the most suitable delivery field agent, taking into account proximity and TAT.

Order dashboard

Get an overview of all ongoing or completed orders and detailed insights on patient’s buying behavior, inventory, and SLAs.

Third-party agent management

Define end-to-end delivery hierarchy including own, contracted, third-party delivery agents and courier services.

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