Employee Transportation Management

Smarter commute experience for employees

Several organizations want to make sure their employees’ commute to work is seamless. Post COVID-19, there has been a shift in traditional work patterns with more people working remotely. This has further increased the demand for sustainable shared corporate mobility solutions.

Dista’s corporate mobility solution ensures a hassle-free and safer employee commute experience. Given the ad-hoc nature of trip bookings in the corporate space, an efficient employee transport management system helps firms provide a reliable and secured commute for their employees.

Deliver a smarter commute experience for your employees with Dista. Our corporate mobility solution automates and streamlines corporate transport operations like booking rides, route optimization, offering live bus shuttle ETA, driver dispatch, routing, billing, and more.

Problems solved by employee transport software

Benefits of employee transport management system

Safe and hassle-free employee commute

Better accountability due to live tracking of vehicles

Minimize vehicles required with more pickup/drops per vehicle

Flexibility to cater to multiple employee transportation use cases

Deliver smarter commute experience for employees with Dista.

Features of employee transportation solution

All-in-one employee transportation

Use a single platform to configure for multiple transportation needs such as regular office commute, late night shifts, client meetings, female only cabs, ad-hoc bookings, shuttle , guest transport and airport transfers.

Robust Security

Provide a safe ride for your employees with panic buttons in cars, app based SOS alarm, real-time vehicle tracking, number masking facility, female only rides, preferred travellers and driver profile verification.

Automated rostering and billing

Automate the entire rostering process for employees with a complete record of transactions billed digitally which helps in checking corruption and cost leakages.

Optimized route planning

Plan optimized time-efficient routes with actual kilometre based billing leading to cost efficiency as well as reduced windshield time.

Driver behaviour and feedback

Analyze driver behaviour patterns, over speeding, route deviations and extensive review mechanism to rate drivers.

Route planning

Intelligently plan trip schedules, shuttle routes or assign vehicles automatically for ad-hoc trips based on multiple parameters.

Driver app

Communicate with drivers effectively with paperless trip sheets providing all details of passengers, destinations, upcoming trips, billing etc.

Reports and dashboards

Get deeper into operations with reports for actual billing, trip details, driver feedback that helps compliance and audit.

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