Pharmacy chain orchestrates its hyperlocal delivery operations using Dista

A fast-growing lifestyle pharmacy retail chain with 100+ stores across India also provided home delivery of medicines with dedicated as well as third party delivery agents. They wanted to create a last mile delivery system which could orchestrate its hyperlocal deliveries.


Using Dista they have developed a robust, scalable and secure medicine delivery software. They have been able to optimize their delivery function and derive insights from their massive set of data to enhance customer satisfaction.

Pharmacy chain uses Dista for delivery operations

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Solution highlights:

  • Streamlined dispatch and routing by implementing centralized, automated dispatch at cluster level
  • Defined end to end delivery hierarchy including own, contracted, third party delivery agents and courier services
  • Improved fulfilment by inventory check and order split between stores and warehouse
  • Optimized routes and capacity management to deliver more with existing resources
  • Medicine envelope verification by scanning at every pick-up and drop point
  • Embedded live tracking, ETA alerts with proof of delivery and feedback capture


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