Using Location Intelligence, Google Maps & Dista to propel banking operations

Thursday, 9th July, 2020
Time – 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM IST

Using location intelligence and Google maps to propel Banking operations

Personalization and customer service is the new trend driving banking operations. More and more banks are keen to offer a personalised banking experience to their customers as well as provide doorstep banking services.

Lot of banking field operations like doorstep banking, collections, cash delivery, field sales etc. have a location (geo-coding) component. Here is where banks can leverage location intelligence powered by maps software to analyze invaluable insights from geocoded data and scale up their offering. Location intelligence in banking can be a great enabler for banks leading them towards optimized and secure banking operations, risk mitigation, network and territory expansion, or product based decision making.

Leveraging location intelligence for Banking

In the past few years location based intelligence has become a facilitator for banks to recognize how they can better optimise their banking operations, guide customers to find the closest branch or ATM outlet, or product planning in some specific regions.

Also, the data is an invaluable part of the business, managing large amounts of data in real time will help to determine profitability for banks. Geospatial technology, maps software and location intelligence are shaping up to be a powerful ally for its early adopters in banking.

This webinar is specifically built for banking managers and high level banking executives who are interested to discover what location intelligence in banking can deliver them.


Join to discover:

  • How banks are being impacted by location data
  • What banking operations have a location component
  • Use-cases of location intelligence in banking (field sales, collections, doorstep banking, on-boarding etc.)
  • How location intelligence is delivering better outcomes for the banking Industry (with examples)

Webinar structure – Location intelligence in Banking

1) Introduction to Location Intelligence

2) Introduction to Google Maps

3) How Google Maps, MediaAgility and Dista are helping banks leverage location intelligence towards:

  • Doorstep Banking
  • Loan Management
  • Collections Management
  • Business expansion
  • Dealer network
  • Cash handling
  • Claims and Inspection
  • Risk Management
  • Document Handling


4) Success stories for location intelligence in banking

5) Q&A

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