Retail & Consumer Goods

With the advent of Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy and others, retailers, grocers, restaurants and other businesses have been pushed to meet growing demands for doorstep deliveries. There has been a considerable rise in the on-demand delivery model and almost any type of modern business today needs to have a reliable system in place to cater to the delivery requirements of customers. On-demand delivery, same-day shipping, next-day deliveries and digital payments have become the order of the day.


Dista addresses the challenges of last-mile delivery by offering you pick up and delivery management, hassle-free tracking of the agents, along with easy assignment of tasks and complete management.


With Dista location intelligence for retail and consumer goods, deliver the experience, not just goods! Empower your customers with the ability to connect with your brand on-the-go, whenever and from wherever they want to!

  • Quick service restaurants
  • E-commerce
  • Food delivery aggregators
  • Courier, delivery logistics and parcel services
  • Restaurant chains
  • Retail chains
  • Groceries and hypermarkets
  • Pharmacies

Benefits of Delivery Logistics Solution for Retail

Deliver More

Complete more orders in a day with automated scheduling

Deliver Better

Wow your customers with accurate ETAs and delivery time windows

Deliver Faster

Shorten your driving distance and working time

Deliver Cheaper

Lower your cost per delivery with fewer drivers

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Offerings of Delivery Logistics Solution for Retail

Distributor Network Management

  • Identify the best locations - Find the best locations for your distributor / franchise expansion based on parameters such as gender, income, competition presence, sales data, spend patterns, ease of access etc.
  • Discover new channel partners - Group your distribution network and segment it by various criteria. Find potential businesses that qualify as channel partners and expand search radius in terms of distance, pincodes, filters, keywords
  • Instant sales forecast - Combine external data with your historical sales data and build a sales estimate to evaluate the potential of each area
  • Prevent cannibalisation - Plot existing dealers on a map to identify overserved and underserved areas. Establish the exclusivity zones, estimate the new volume of business without interfering with the current establishments.

Territory Planning

  • Know your region - Know your hyperlocal landscape for segmented action by overlaying competitor data, order volumes, demographics, points of interest, landmarks, population, real estate prices and so on.
  • Analyze the market - Get to know the consumer habits, demographics, buying power, and many other relevant data relative to the people that live or pass by an area.
  • Launch new products - Combine your existing data with the socio-demographic profile of your potential clients and detect their interests to understand where you should launch a new product

Business Expansion

  • Uncover your customer behavior - Identify the consumer patterns, average order quantities by region or even where your clients are coming from.
  • Determine best store locations - Forecast profitable sites based on competitive presence, potential customer demographics, access to supply chains, with data like footfalls,, economic potential, average buy value or predominant interests.
  • Improve same store sales - Avoid cannibalization between your stores by estimating how many new customers a new store will generate without interfering with existing stores, before opening

Store portfolio optimization

  • Optimize coverage - Determining serviceable areas with identification of black areas, dynamic trade zone creations based on time/day/season/offers. Manage operations by clustering customer locations, suggesting hub / dealer, calculating field strength and so on
  • Decongestion - Recommend the new placement of outlets / stores in the city along with the optimal allocation of personnel to service customers more efficiently including the range of pincodes to be served from each of the offices
  • Promotions - Maximize business by running targeted schemes for low performing stores / regions with order to store mapping, order heat maps, customer density. Identify suggested areas for promotional campaigns based on economic class, new developments, area type, footfall, nearby industries and more

Sales visit planning

  • Journey Beat Plan - Create efficient sales beat plan based on non-overlapping clusters for sales field optimization.
  • Automate Sales Workflows - Automate sales pipeline and eliminate manual orders and paperwork enabling your field staff add more hours to their day
  • Enhance on-field productivity - Get real time visibility into planning sales itineraries and tracking sales staff visits to points of sales to effectively gauge field performance.
  • Real Time Secondary Data- Capture Secondary sales data in real time with automated reports to assess performance and competition.
  • Field enablement- Keep your reps up-to-date with relevant customer profiling, collaboration, support, FAQs and promotional schemes

Logistics & distribution management

  • Smartly club orders based on delivery times, routes, priorities, weight etc to reduce number of trips
  • Ensure timely and safe movement of all SKUs to warehouses and distributors while maintaining optimized schedules and fast routes
  • Beat the traffic each time with perfect route planning and reroute trips with live traffic analysis
  • Communicate in real time with field agents and receive live alerts about each event as it happens
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