Delivery management

Last mile delivery management software

Dista’s delivery management software helps companies to improve delivery efficiency and boost customer experience. It offers end-to-end visibility into the entire delivery process. The platform enables delivery agent tracking, intelligent scheduling and dispatching, optimizing delivery routes, digitizing proof of delivery, and managing returns. Our delivery management platform helps reduce delivery costs and enables companies to offer a seamless on-demand delivery experience.

Use cases for delivery management software

  • Grocery delivery

A grocery delivery software is equipped with features like intelligent scheduling, route optimization, and live tracking. It offers a complete overview of your online grocery delivery system, enables a successful doorstep delivery, and improves the customer shopping experience.

  • Retail delivery

A retail delivery management software improves deliveries for retail, consumer, and e-commerce goods. It streamlines first, and last mile deliveries to enhance customer experience, reduces turnaround time, and increases the volume of total deliveries.

Challenges addressed by delivery management solution

Benefits of delivery management software

Convenient shopping experience

Reduced turnaround time

Flexible payment options

Real-time communication between grocery delivery executives and customer

Optimized and on-time grocery deliveries

Accurate route planning

Increased volume of deliveries

Looking to transform your delivery management?

Features of delivery management platform

Live shipment alerts

Allow customers to track the shipment in real-time.

Real-time analytics

Live dashboard offers details of grocery delivery orders and helps make data-driven decisions.

Automated scheduling

Deliver within narrow timeframes with automated dispatch based on skills, proximity, capacity, and route.

Vehicle fill ratio

Choose the best vehicle combinations and optimize the weight and volume capacity of each delivery vehicle.

Advanced route planning

Optimized routes make retail delivery fulfillment faster and ensure delivery timelines are met. This enhances customer experience and delivery efficiency.

Reverse logistics

Simplify reverse pick-up times and digitize returns or cancellation documents with all scenarios for return-to-merchant (RTM) and return-to-origin (RTO) cases.

Delivery analytics

Dig deeper into delivery performance by analyzing missed deliveries, SLA compliances, route heat map, asset history, and delivery vehicle density.

Delivery resource management

Reduce costs by choosing between own delivery agents, contractors, aggregators, and third parties.

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