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The success of the pharmaceutical sector rides on creating awareness of drugs and medicines which is made possible by a strong field sales workforce or marketing representatives (MRs). Another crucial aspect is ensuring the availability of medicines at the right channel – stockists, distributors, and pharmacies which necessitates a robust distribution network. Coordination, transparency, communication, and real-time updates are essential to the back office, supply chain, logistics as well as the field force personnel.

Dista offers an integrated location intelligence platform to address the pharma industry’s need for innovation in medical rep management and dispatching. Our comprehensive field force management solution provides an easy interface for planning routes, jurisdiction, updating of lead information, reminders to visit, tracking the location of medical representatives in real-time, and optimizing their deployment. Our Last Mile Delivery and Dispatch Management Software offers automated delivery route planning & route optimization, automated real-time resource allocation, proof of delivery, and real-time vehicle tracking.


💊 Pharma manufacturers

💊 Pharma supply chain and logistics

💊 Pharma distributors

💊 Healthcare services. Diagnostics, pathology labs

💊 Pharma sales and marketing

💊 Life-sciences and Medical devices

Benefits – location intelligence for pharma

Sell more

Increase conversions with higher field sales productivity of insurance sales rep

Engage Better

Delight your customers with seamless onboarding, underwriting and faster claims

Service faster

Enhance your first mile to last mile delivery ecosystem with automated delivery route optimization

Ship cheaper

Lower your shipment costs with fewer trucks, lesser deviations and shorter routes

Want to optimize your pharma sales and distribution processes?

Offerings – location intelligence for pharma

Medical rep management

  • Real-time tracking - Setup visit frequencies, track visit adherence, and manage on-ground MRs in real-time

  • Physician visit management - Use algorithms to automatically assign MRs based on skills, availability, location, or use manual intervention

  • Appointment scheduling - Schedule visits based on geolocation and smart customer filters

  • Beat route optimization - Help your marketing reps to chart the best path for the day to maximize healthcare practitioner (HCP), clinic, distributor, and pharmacy coverage

  • Geofencing - Create and assign specific territories to MRs and monitor your employee’s attendance from anywhere

  • Order management - Collect and log orders from clinics, doctors, and pharmacies, and integrate with CRM to set up an efficient lead management system

Medical rep management
Distribution network management

Distribution network management

  • Analyze your distribution network by locating pharmacies, doctors/clinics to understand the area covered by MRs and distributors, unserviced areas, and so on

  • Map sales by distributors, region, pharmacies, sales rep, and so on to identify localities, physicians, and pharmacies with the highest sales potential

Medicine delivery/Lab sample collection

  • Empower your doorstep services such as home delivery of medicines, sample collection for pathology labs

  • Quick mobile app to track orders, schedule appointments, enable proof of execution, set up reminders, and offer promotions/discounts

  • A seamless process by allowing payments through cash, card, cheque, wallets, and invoice/receipt generation

  • Capture multiple pictures, documents, and scans to ensure a paperless delivery process

Medicine delivery
Logistics distribution

Logistics & distribution

  • Delivery Route Optimization - Ensure speedy order fulfilments with our route optimization engine that picks the shortest & fastest routes helping you manage multiple deliveries with cost reduction and efficiency

  • Shipment sorting - Generate efficient packing configurations for loading cargo into containers, which ensures vehicle optimization, thereby reducing turn-around time and delivery costs with higher vehicle fill ratios

  • Consignment planning - Assign medicine and drug consignments based on truck capacity, distance covered, the time needed, type of goods, special requirements like cold-storage, etc.

  • Proof of delivery - Receive real-time electronic proof of delivery, payment processing, and customer feedback from stockists, distributors, pharmacies

  • Address Clustering - Dynamically cluster addresses to ensure SLA compliance, which increased fleet utilization

  • Reporting and Analytics – Monitor delivery time, product availability at distributors, deviation alerts, non-compliant pharmacies, inefficient distribution, and much more to help you take control of your pharma

Territory management

  • Perform competitive analysis and market observation by plotting competitors, demographic and socioeconomic data, disease outbreaks, underserved areas, order/prescription volumes by HCPs, hospitals, and stockist network

  • Unlock insights which allow you to make the right decisions on opening, closing, repurposing, or relocating sites for sales reps, stores, distributors, warehouses, outlets, etc.

Territory management

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