Banking and Financial Services (BFS)

Everything in financial services is hyperlocal. Knowing where in banking is the key to understanding what and why. Today, the scope of doorstep services or ‘home banking’ , goes far beyond cash withdrawal/DD request and comprises other services ranging from adding a nominee, collecting documents, verifying identity (KYC), cash / cheque pickups to opening a new account and delivering credit cards

Using location intelligence solutions for banking and finance, Dista helps you to rationalize inefficient branch networks, streamline field operations, and enhance customer experience


🏦 Retail and commercial Banking

🏦 Micro-finance

🏦 Wealth & Asset Management

🏦 Credit card services

🏦 Insurance – general, life, health etc

🏦 Loans – Housing finance, vehicle loans, etc

Benefits – Location Intelligence in BFS

Sell more

Increase conversions with higher field sales productivity of insurance sales rep

Engage Better

Delight your customers with seamless onboarding, underwriting and faster claims

Service faster

Cut down on-site inspection times with smart app based adjustor workflows

Operate cheaper

Cut down operational costs with auto scheduling and smart routing

Want to optimize your doorstep services and field operations ?

Offerings – Location Intelligence in BFS

Network optimization

  • Dealer network management - Plot existing dealers / distributors and find potential businesses that qualify as channel partners (eg- brokers, fund houses, branches etc.)

  • Decongestion - Recommend the new placement of offices / stores in the city along with the optimal allocation of personnel to service cases more efficiently including the range of pincodes to be served from each of the offices

  • Risk profiling - Identify high risk (negative) area of a city that a bank has identified where residents would not qualify for credit approval

Network optimization
Business expansion

Business expansion

  • Shortlist best location for opening new offices by identifying high potential areas and level of penetration

  • Track market development, unserviced areas and competition

  • Profile your customers, influencers, and retail points better with a wide range of attributes, including custom fields, historical data

Lead management

  • Build an intelligent lead flow management system with our native CRM integrations and GPS tagging

  • Plan customer visits and bank rotations, set meetings, take the best route, view upcoming meetings, and track mileage along the way

  • Filter out incomplete or wrong addresses, add missing fields and get the right addresses with geocoding

  • Map delays, missed sales meetings, customer opt-outs and optimize reach in real-time with live notifications to customers and operations team

Lead management
Doorstep banking

Doorstep banking

  • Empower your door-to-door sales and services with an easy-to-use mobile app for tracking leads, appointments and payments

  • Seamlessly achieve customer application filling, KYC document collection, account creation and onboarding within the same app via some smart real-time integrations

  • Process payments in multiple formats such as cash, card, cheque and generate invoices

  • Capture multiple pictures, documents, and scans to ensure paperless onboarding

Sales/Service operations

  • Create and assign specific territories to field agents, recreate operational zones and decide serviceable areas through geotagging

  • Monitor your employee’s Check-in, Checkout time and attendance from anywhere

  • Automatically assign jobs based on skills, availability, location or use manual intervention

  • Get intelligence with granular insights that include detailed logs, demographic heat maps and visual analytics.

  • Stay a step ahead by studying operational trends and implementing any tweaks with real-time view of the entire operations

Sales operations
Customer interaction

Customer interaction

  • Facilitate your users to conveniently reach your ATMs/branches with multi layered filters and quick search

  • Make business agent free with intelligent conversational platform to handle basic queries and perform routine tasks

  • Improve satisfaction by capturing real time feedback and quicker resolution

  • Integrate with payment gateways to facilitate multi-mode payments

Customer onboarding

  • To reduce data entry errors, field level validations will be done along with conditional checks for remote systems

  • On the fly generation of OTP to verify phone numbers and other relevant details

  • Capture Biometric data and verification through the use of national databases

  • Credit Bureau verification via real-time APIs while still on-field

  • Click and upload’ option for documents to speed up quick upload

  • Option to print at customer location to provide relevant receipts, etc

  • Real time SMS / email notifications providing customers with timely updates

Customer onboarding


  • Ability to schedule in bulk a large database of field visits along with optimal assignment of customer advisors’ visits

  • Update real-time calendar adjustments caused by lack of customer presence or other visit duration change

  • Alerts and notifications to the field agents on pre-due-date and post due-date collection activity

  • Proactive communication with field agents providing them the much-needed visibility before due-date to negate any miscommunication.

  • Proximity-based task allocation for quick results, leading to optimal utilization of field resources.

Cash transport

  • Underlining procedures and optimal route planning for cash transport (cash points and ATMs)

  • Online confirmation of task status, and real-time registration of escalations and delays

  • Live tracking of convoy location and transport status

Cash transport
ATM services

ATM services

  • Site selection, network optimization by de-congestion

  • Cash transportation and management

  • ATM Maintenance security, service including warranty and parts replacement


  • Sales - Improve advisor scheduling with real-time visibility.

  • Inspection - Make on-site claims adjusting faster and easier.

  • Underwriting - Improve field underwriting with productivity-boosting tools.


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