Dista Collect

Delinquency management platform to enhance collection rates and individual productivity

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Challenges in collections management


For Supervisors

  • Poor collections efficiency due to ineffective case allocation

  • Low visibility on day-to-day operations and performance of Field Collections Executives (FCE)

  • Manual follow-up with FCE to track their location, case status, and customer follow-ups

  • Ineffective tracking of team performance vs. individual performance

  • Improper classification of delinquency cases
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For field executives

  • Absence of auto-allocation of real-time cases based on customer proximity

  • Huge amounts of time spent on manual data capture and upload

  • Inability to schedule/reschedule meetings with customers

  • Manual mode for receipt generation

  • Lack of visibility into incentives, attendance, and expenses

For business leaders

  • Lack of real-time overview on estimates vs. actual collections numbers

  • Traditional systems with no audit trails

  • Lack of deep insights into regional performance

  • No metrics to gauge cost vs. collection efficiency

  • Legacy systems that are good for tracking cases but fall short in offering smart recommendations

  • Absence of a system that feeds delinquency data to the sales engine

Why Dista Collect

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Effective operations

  • Auto allocation of cases in an optimal manner to

    1) Prompt nearby cases to save residual time

    2) Maximize collections coverage

  • Intelligent, contextual alerts and nudges to enhance individual FCE conversions

  • End-to-end case execution through a single FCE platform

  • Schedule meetings dynamically for promise-to-pay (PTP) cases
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