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Delinquency management platform to enhance collection rates and individual productivity

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Challenges in collections management


For Supervisors

  • Poor collections efficiency due to ineffective case allocation

  • Low visibility on day-to-day operations and performance of Field Collections Executives (FCE)

  • Manual follow-up with FCE to track their location, case status, and customer follow-ups

  • Ineffective tracking of team performance vs. individual performance

  • Improper classification of delinquency cases
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For field executives

  • Absence of auto-allocation of real-time cases based on customer proximity

  • Huge amounts of time spent on manual data capture and upload

  • Inability to schedule/reschedule meetings with customers

  • Manual mode for receipt generation

  • Lack of visibility into incentives, attendance, and expenses

For business leaders

  • Lack of real-time overview on estimates vs. actual collections numbers

  • Traditional systems with no audit trails

  • Lack of deep insights into regional performance

  • No metrics to gauge cost vs. collection efficiency

  • Legacy systems that are good for tracking cases but fall short in offering smart recommendations

  • Absence of a system that feeds delinquency data to the sales engine

Why Dista Collect

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Effective operations

  • Auto allocation of cases in an optimal manner to

    1) Prompt nearby cases to save residual time

    2) Maximize collections coverage

  • Intelligent, contextual alerts and nudges to enhance individual FCE conversions

  • End-to-end case execution through a single FCE platform

  • Schedule meetings dynamically for promise-to-pay (PTP) cases
Live status

Visual monitoring

  • Transparent field operations with complete map-based visibility in real-time

  • ETA and live location of FCEs

  • Get recommendations on the ‘best time to knock’ for successful collections visits

  • Audit trail and FCE historical map views

  • Centralized module for FCE attendance, expense and reimbursement

Strategic business enhancement

  • Insights into collections, delinquencies for making business decisions

  • Data warehouse and analytics framework for effective assessments

  • Analytics and insights on your customers, conversion metrics, agent performance, etc.

  • Machine learning (ML) engines for resource forecasting and planning

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Key features

Case allocation

Allocate timely cases as per skill sets, proximity and with optimal routes

Agency management

Map and manage multiple agencies for better delinquency management

Performance dashboard

Get complete transparency on your team's activities and performance


AI/ML based alerts to optimize field visits and daily cases

Attendance and expenses

Automation of logistical expense management and daily attendance


Performance incentive tracker to improve collection rates

Key differentiators


Mobile optimized

AI and ML

Real-time data


Region profiling

Dista Collect benefits

Easy data input

Integrate with your existing CRMs or use CSV uploads for inputting customer data. In just a few clicks, access all your data and start making informed business decisions.

Map areas for delinquency

Use Dista’s AI engine for mapping areas with high or low delinquencies. Define and refine your business strategies by feeding this data to your sales engine.

Schedule daily cases

Auto allocation of new and existing cases based on FCE’s skill set. Figure out the ‘best time to knock’ to improve collections rates.

Track team performance

Get your team’s overview with real-time status updates. Use this information to plan and launch incentive programs.

Get smart recommendations

Use Dista’s AI/ML-based recommendations to assess creditworthiness, minimize risk, improve collection rates, and formulate business decisions.

See the platform in action


How does the platform help in easy management of cases?

Both supervisors and field collection executives get their own dashboard which helps in managing and disseminating information better and faster. Managers get access to all of the team members and their tasks, whereas the executives get detailed information on their assigned tasks, including customer data, case details, etc.

Will my existing system integrate with Dista Collect?

Dista Collect integrates with a host of CRMs and legacy software removing the hassle of managing data across multiple platforms. Apart from this, it also lets you effortlessly import and export data from multiple systems.

Can we map negative areas based on past and current customers’ performance?

By using our AI-enabled engine, you can identify positive and negative areas based on payment patterns. This lets you use location as an additional parameter for making business decisions and strategies. Leveraging this data, organizations can significantly reduce their delinquency rates. You can schedule a demo for more information on plotting and utilizing this data.

Can I add and manage multiple collection partners in Dista Collect?

Yes. Dista Collect lets you add external collections agencies to handle your delinquency cases better. Add them to the system to assign and update them on new and open cases in real-time.

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