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Uberize lead allocation, prioritization, and leverage location intelligence for improved sales productivity.

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Dista Sales, our field sales management software, empowers sales officers and sales managers with a dedicated app to perform their tasks effectively and efficiently. Our intelligent system facilitates auto allocation of leads, helps maximize sales coverage, and boosts sales productivity.

Challenges in Sales


For sales managers

  • Ineffective assignment of leads without any location or skill-based rules

  • Inefficient management of field sales officers

  • Need for constant follow ups for status updates rather than focussing on strategic activities

New Task31 Kms Away

For sales officers

  • Lack of consolidated systems to manage, giving rise to disparate data elements

  • Clustering close by data points not possible leading to low productivity and long travel time

  • Absence of a central system for lead management and data collection

  • Lack of visibility into team and individual performances and incentives

For leaders

  • Legacy systems that do not support audit trails affecting business decisions

  • System that doesn’t factor in location as a key metric

  • Legacy CRM systems inadequate to make smart recommendations

  • Detailed and customizable data reports not supported in traditional systems

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Why Dista Sales

Operate with efficiency

  • Auto-allocation of leads in an optimal manner to

    1) Increase Sales Officer productivity
    2) Maximize sales coverage
    3) Get visibility on nearby unscheduled lead

  • Intelligent and contextual nudges to enhance lead conversions

  • End-to-end lead execution through a single Sales Officer mobility app

Performance report Q3

Monitor with visualization

  • Transparent field operations with map-based visibility in real-time

  • Handy customer location details

  • ETA and live status updates on active leads

  • Dashboard view of audit trails and Sales Officers’ history

  • Visibility on Sales Officer attendance and activities

  • Expense management reports by travel history

Strategize business enhancement

  • Area definition and analysis of potential leads

  • Data warehouse and analytics framework for effective assessments

  • Analytics and insights on your customers, conversion metrics, agent performance, etc.

  • Machine learning (ML) engines for resource forecasting and planning

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Key features

Lead allocation

Allocate timely leads as per skill sets, proximity and with optimal routes

Sales optimization

Optimize your sales resources to expand geographical coverage

Real-time insights

Analyze regions to take proactive measures and boost conversions

Team overview

Get complete transparency on your team's activities and performance

Attendance and expenses

Automation of logistical expense management and daily attendance


AI/ML based alerts to optimize field visits and daily tasks

Key differentiators


AI and ML

Mobile optimized



Accessible data

Dista Sales benefits

Improved sales productivity

Get real-time alerts and reach your customers first to gain competitive advantage. Manage in-field activities on the go and smoothly for efficient business operations and improved conversion rates.

Quick turnaround time (TAT)

Improved team communication helps close tasks quickly improving the number of jobs finished in a day. Say goodbye to idle times and hello to more productive sales representatives.

Enhanced lead conversion rate

Reach out to and close more leads than before with the Dista app. Get real-time, in-field app notifications to close on leads sooner.

Personalized dashboards

Dashboards highlight important trends and patterns that give you the advantage to outperform your competitors. Use custom reports to make informed business decisions and customer strategies.

See our app in action

Field salespersons have quite the demanding day; customer locations to travel to, sending proposals, updating CRMs, and so much more.

Dista Sales, our field sales management app, makes their jobs easier and more efficient. Check our video to see how it helps improve field sales executives’ sales productivity.

See the platform in action


How do I decide which leads should be assigned to which Sales Officer? Can I assign it from the platform?

The system will auto-assign leads in real-time to available Sales Officers nearest to the prospective customer’s location. The manager will have a transparent view of the overall lead assignment, status of each lead, and actions performed by officers in the field at their fingertips. Supervisors can manually assign leads to their team members at any time as well.

How does this platform improve the productivity of sales in organizations?

Dista Sales takes care of redundant and manual activities typically performed by the management team by automating them through optimal, AI/ML, and location-based intelligence. The platform is designed to help remote sales officers empower them to perform most efficiently through location-based smart assignments, intelligent nudges. Gamification in the platform keeps performance high, and sales officers are motivated to achieve more.

How does the platform improve the tenure of my Sales Officer?

When working in the field, sales officers can have a tough time communicating with their managers, reaching customer location, finishing their tasks, and entering all relevant details in the system. Dista, through location intelligence-based nudges and assignments, reduces the efforts of sales officers and enables them to do more visits with customers. This helps them achieve their targets, surpass them, and get more incentives ensuring they stay with organizations longer.

How can we know if sales officers visit customers in person or contact them within stipulated SLAs?

The platform comes with modules that let supervisors view sales officers’ travel history, calendar view, ETA to customer’s location, and current lead status. Not only this, supervisors can view media uploads, appointments, and meeting notes updated by sales officers. These real-time updates ensure all leads are being followed up and managers are updated even when sales officers are in the field with poor connectivity.

I want to increase my incentive or overachieve my targets. Can this app help me achieve that?

Yes, Dista Sales provides all sales officers visibility to their targets, performance, and incentives. This helps them understand and plan better for achieving and exceeding their targets.

Can role-based access be provided to team members?

Yes, you can assign custom roles to team members based on hierarchy and responsibilities. This helps in wider visibility of performance data and also ensures security of sensitive customer information.

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