Dista Food
Food Deliveries Management Solution

Best suited for

Cloud kitchens that do or do not have delivery agents

Chain restaurants with large order volumes

High order processing single outlet restaurants



3 Lakh+

Orders per month





The Dista value add

Dista automates the orchestration of your orders with delivery agents, whether third-party or your own.

Our AI-enabled platform is versatile and easily fits in with any operations model. We can help with integrations if you have

Our collaboration with several partners has contributed immensely to our expertise, and we ensure our integrations and go-live are quick, hassle-free, and robust.

  • Third party/ecommerce/digital catalogs

  • Your own delivery agents

  • Third-party delivery agents

  • A combination of both own and third-party delivery services

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Dista Food features

Serviceable area management

It may seem obvious, simple, and quick, but defining serviceable areas early on is crucial. For multi-outlet restaurants, it could be for better serviceability or defining clear borders and limits. This helps in finding an outlet that’s closest to your customer and route the order to that store. For single restaurants, it could be for accessibility and timely deliveries. We’ve used several online and offline methods to determine and draw serviceable areas and done it with great success. Use our platform to deliver on customer expectations and time-bound Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) for deliveries and elevate your customer experience.

Delivery orchestration, scheduling and Job Allocation

Based on your priority and preference, Dista will allocate jobs to either your own delivery agents or third-party players such as Dunzo or Shadowfax. Our tool is efficient at striking a balance and managing all delivery options simultaneously and smoothly. The system smartly recognizes and allocates jobs to your delivery partners or agents based on availability and feasibility, smartly rolls over to the next available delivery partner or agent. Make use of 36+ parameters for effective scheduling management and job allocation. Factor in various factors such as real-time vs. batch orders, load/unload times, priority orders, agent proximity, etc.

Alerts for restaurant managers

The tool provides timely alerts for restaurant managers for updates on deliveries. Use these alerts for critical data collation on delays and location updates.

Notifications and tracking link for customers

Provide real-time order updates for customers through various channels such as Whatsapp, SMS, etc. We take continuous efforts to ensure we help our partners deliver excellent customer experience. We work with numerous channels and keep updating our list to ensure your customers get live notifications on the platforms they like or frequent.

Delivery agent mobile app

Agents receive automated jobs and various alerts from the system, along with getting the shortest or fastest routes. Our mobile app for delivery agents, is super light, easy to download, and battery-friendly. They get the most important information with job alerts and one-tap navigation. We make things easy via our app so they can focus on serving the customers right and on time.

Delivery metrics

Make the most of our reporting metrics to gain key insights into delivery times, delays, etc. Access delivery data and use it to define and refine your delivery management initiatives.

Delivery agent management / visibilty

What other last-mile delivery management tools lack is a part of our standard offering. Use our AI-enabled tool to effectively view and manage delivery agents’ attendance, leaves, expense reports, etc. Use this data for effective resources management and forecasting.

Order Insights

With food aggregator services, you lose the crucial element of knowing your customer. Without knowing your customer well, how can you even serve them well? It is crucial that restaurants know who is ordering from them, how frequently, and from where. They can then plan and launch initiatives, run various promotional campaigns and raise their customer experience game through various insights. Our data arms with such key customer insights for delivering memorable experiences.

Cockpit and Dashboard

Delivery agents, jobs, birds eye-view of your entire field force/serviceable area associated with your store/branch. Where orders are coming from, who is fulfilling them, and status of agents/jobs.

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