Cab Hailing/Taxi Booking Software

Taxi Booking System & Cab Hailing Solution

Cab hailing is a complicated task that requires seamless interaction between different players while ensuring profitable operations. Taxi booking is a business defined by how you can make the overall ride experience  easy, comfortable and delightful for customers. 


Dista cab hailing / taxi booking software helps you to launch and operate a taxi booking business with a functionality-rich, customizable platform that provides a delightful driver/ rider experience with fully automated dispatch and operations center.

Problems solved by cab hailing/taxi booking software

  • Poor visibility into fleet performance
  • Rising regulations and compliance penalties
  • Under utilization of fleet assets
  • Inability to monitor driver behaviour

Benefits of cab hailing/taxi booking software

Speedy ride discovery with multiple options

Visibility of all ongoing rides

Dynamic pricing

Secured ride experience for drivers and riders

Features of cab hailing/taxi booking software

Smooth cab booking

Allow passengers to choose ride options, schedule rides, get fare estimates, expected arrival times and payment options

Reviews and ratings

Engage passengers with ability to input feedback and rating at the end of each trip

Cab Passenger Safety

Provide rider to share ride details with friends and also an in-app SOS button to raise alert in case of perceived threats

Taxi Dispatcher dashboard

Easily view bookings, assign vehicles, monitor rides, view transaction logs and analyse performance

Taxi Route optimization

Save fuel costs with optimized route choices

Taxi Ride matching

Locate the best driver match for the route based on history, proximity, equitable distribution and benefit from real-time tracking of the driver

Dynamic pricing

Automatically carry out complex pricing to allow discounts, promotions and surge pricing based on demand

Seamless Payments

Pricing based on time and distance, surge pricing, special offers, referral plans and coupons, automated driver payouts, wallet integration for cashless transfers.

Cab Driver Onboarding

Make driver onboarding quick and easy with document upload, wizard based multi-lingual forms within the app

Performance based rewards

Reward your drivers with bonuses based on timely performance, behaviour and customer reviews

Performance Reports

Get details of your earnings, driver performance analytics, driver review and ratings as well as other KPIs

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