Harness the power of Location Intelligence for your FMCG business

Thursday, 13th August, 2020
Time – 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM IST

Location Intelligence in FMCG & Retail

Location is today at the heart of all consumer operations. Living in the age of Uber and on-demand culture, consumers are finding immense value in using maps and location-intelligence to drive business.

For brands looking at staying competitive in the long run, the time is apt to provide your consumers the ultimate convenience of location services.

With location enabled technology, the entire delivery journey of FMCG and retail goods can be optimized to drive operational efficiency and take data-driven business decisions, be it identifying best store locations, preventing cannibalization, launching new products, to even managing logistics and field workforce.

Leveraging location intelligence for FMCG and Retail

Location data is key to successful expansion of any consumer focussed business. The intelligence derived from applying location based analytics to FMCG businesses can open up new growth horizons.

Dista’s curated offering for the FMCG & Retail sector addresses the challenges of last-mile delivery by offering you pick up and delivery management, hassle-free tracking of the agents, along with easy assignment of tasks and complete management.

This webinar is specifically built for the specialists in the retail and consumer goods sector to discover what Location intelligence in retail can deliver.

Join to discover:

  • How FMCG sector is being impacted by location data
  • What operations in the retail and consumer goods sector have a location component
  • Use-cases of location intelligence for retail & FMCG
  • How location intelligence is enhancing outcomes for the FMCG & Retail sector (with examples)

Webinar structure – Location intelligence in FMCG and Retail

1) Introduction to Location Intelligence

2) Introduction to Google Maps

3) How Google Maps, MediaAgility and Dista are helping FMCG and Retail companies leverage location intelligence towards:

  • Distributor Network Management
  • Territory Planning
  • Business Expansion
  • Store Portfolio Optimization
  • Sales Visit Planning
  • Logistics & Distribution Hub Management
  • First Mile / Last Mile Delivery


4) Success stories for location intelligence in FMCG & retail

5) Q&A

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